Mulkey has Covid. UCONN game canceled.

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Texex81, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Why wouldn't Baylor postpone it? Texas-Tennessee this year was postponed wasn't it?
  3. TempestHorn

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    I think it's more like canceled. Both schools booked makeup games and they are now into conference play.
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    So much for the recommendation of no Xmas family gatherings.
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  5. brnkj

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    Yes, very irresponsible IMO.
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  6. BBV_Horn

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    Tennessee vs Texas will not be played this year, unless we meet in the NCAA’s, IMHO....
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  7. BBV_Horn

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    Did we expect any different from a coach who breaks NCAA rules and has NO class or honor? Who can grab an opposing player by the neck and threaten them? She is a disgusting person with zero integrity....:soapbox:
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    For those of you who don’t like this post, here is the video of her trash talking Empress Davenport and other Texas players because we kept our starting lineup in when she went to the bench. At the end you can see her then grab Empress by the neck and whatever she said causes Empress to pull her hand off of her and push away. A coach treating student athletes from an opposing team this way shouldn’t be a coach. Period.

    She’s disgusting in my book.
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  9. Jacob Johnson

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    That type of behavior won't be accepted with Vic & his staff! It made my blood boil when she yelled at Audrey Warren last year & constantly talked down on her as a player. That won't be tolerated this year and I would love to see Vic's response if she pulls that crap again.
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  10. BBV_Horn

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    Yes, she is, and I will always think Empress and her Mom Carrie should have sued Mulkey’s a___ off...oh, well, we can look forward to playing and very possibly beating her this year, or very soon....:hookem:
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