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Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by accuratehorn, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. accuratehorn

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    This is awful. I am ashamed to be an American. I am wearing Groucho Marx glasses all day so I won't be recognized.
    Of course, I am referring to our dismal showing in Olympics curling. The women are 0-2, and the men are 0-3.
    How can something like this happen? The coaches need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town. Should we all meet on the Congress Avenue bridge with protest signs this evening?
  2. GHoward

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    It's obvious the other teams are using steroids.
  3. accuratehorn

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    GHoward may be onto something here. Why isn't there a drug testing procedure for these obviously cheating athletes?
  4. Statalyzer

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    Shuffleboard, bochee ball, and croquet need to be summer olympics games...
  5. Wild Bill

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    I think it's clear there is some cheating going on. Steroids are high on the list. How else could we be doing so poorly? : [​IMG]
  6. sandypoley

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    Add some judges and it will become a real Olympic sport.
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    someone needs to check the other team's brooms
  9. Longhorny630

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    Actually, it does have judges. I was watching the match between the swiss and US last night before going out for dinner.

    Apparently, the goal of the game is to slide your rocks (each gets like 5 or so) and whoever gets a rock closest to the bullseye wins the game. There's like 10 games or so in a match. I'm unclear on a bunch of the details because this game had to be invented by a bunch of drunk guys hanging out on a frozen pond and I wasn't interested long enough to get the finer points of the game.

    Back on point. At the end of one of the games, one US rock and one Swiss rock were very close to the bullseye. You couldn't tell which one was closer with the naked eye. Obviously, a very intense moment for this captivating game. A judge walked out, put a stick in the center of the bullseye, and moved what could be considered a micrometer to the swiss rock. She looked at the reading and then rotated the stick over to US rock. She checked the micrometer for the US reading. Well... it was too close to call so she had to call over another judge. Another reading. More intensity. And finally... the US won the point. I went out for chinese.
  11. notreally

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    some of you should watch the new "real sports" episode on hbo. they interview the US men's curling team. pretty much a bunch of average guys from minnesota or something. no athletes whatsoever. funny.

    then they go to canada...... well, curling is a different deal up there. several of the curlers are very famous, including the "ice prep" guys. seriously. not even joking. apparently curling is televised in primetime quite often and get very high ratings (whatever that means).
  12. Longhorny630

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  13. bierce

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    So, what's funnier?


    Curling as an Olympic sport?

    A thread about Curling as an Olympic sport?

    Someone taking a thread about Curling as an Olympic sport seriously?
  14. Longhorny630

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    Look, I'm just saying don't **** on curling, because people do love the sport. If football (not soccer) were to be included in the Olympic Games, every country except the USA would think "what a dumb sport, why is that in the Olympics" while the USA would probably be indifferent depending on who played (although it would be great timing in the winter games, since the season will have just ended). And while we may not get or like curling, other people do.
  15. accuratehorn

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    Not only that, they wear really cool pants!
  16. alt875

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    I don't think it's technically cheating, but it has now come out that the Germans put janitors (ringers) on their teams. Cheating or not, it's ******** and should bring changes to the rules of the sport.
  17. the actor

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    im going to start a thread on rhythmic dancing, at least that's something i can relate to, you get to see hypnotic spinning and twirling of every color of the rainbow, plus they have wonderful outfits...
  18. Wild Bill

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    Some people don't have their sarcasm meters turned on high enough. [​IMG]
  19. Horn-N-LA

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    I could care less about watching our teams play anymore, I just wanna watch Great Britain with Eve Muirhead. She's nails and hot in a hot Scottish chick way.
  20. smwhorn

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    I actually agree with Longhorny on this one. I know the OP was just starting a funny thread (which it is), but some folks like curling. I like to watch golf and poker on TV. My wife (and others) think it is ******* insane for me to sit in front of a tv and watch people play cards or hit golf balls. Different strokes, as they say.
  21. balter

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    I've gotten pretty into curling the last several winter olympics. I actually think it's pretty fun to watch (every 4 years anyway), Although the poor showing by the USA is making it less fun this year.

    No, I sure don't think they're "great athletes", and I agree that calling it a sport is debatable at best, but its still a fun game to watch, in my opinion.
  22. Longhorny630

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  23. ProdigalHorn

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    Shuffleboard. Croquette. Nine-ball. Horeshoes. Chinese Checkers. Add 'em all!
  24. The Eyes of Texas

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  25. general35

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    you have to drink beer to watch curling. like watching someone play shuffleboard in a bar.
  26. bierce

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    Along about the time of Superstars, someone decided to take a champion from every racket sport and make them play in a tournament in which each had to play all the sports except his own. E.g. the tennis player had to play racquetball, squash, ping pong, badminton, but not tennis. The squash player won everything.
  27. balter

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    I thought this was going to be about Atmosphere
  29. balter

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    By the way, in case anyone cares, the US mens and women's finally won today putting the men at 1-4 and women at 1-3.

    After whiffing three game winning shots in 24 hrs the mens "skip" was benched and they brought in an alternate to get the first win.
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