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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by TxStHorn, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. TxStHorn

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    My in-laws need to buy central air and gas furnace and have a licensed HVAC person to install. They don’t live here, so they just want to pick up the units. They want a name brand unit (Carrier, Trane, etc) and they want 4 ton with 16 seer for AC. The furnace needs to be gas with at least 80% efficiency. Does anyone know where, or even if it's possible, to purchase the system from someone without having to also pay them for an install?
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    D. A. Warden Co.

    Here's a link listing, they have a location on Banyon, off N. Lamar.

    check it out, best guess is they sell systems. I use them for duct parts an supplies.... great folks!

  3. BigWill

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    grainger sells that stuff. seeThe Link
  4. _e.

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    You can buy complete systems online and have them delivered. Here's a link to a store that sells Goodman. I've seen Rheem for sale on ebay. My brother bought a Goodman unit on ebay and we installed it ourselves.
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    I just got a carrier infinity-- multi speed for humidity control--zoning is also effective
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    Thanks to all - I'm gong to let them know!
  7. zork

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    Please let us know what they choose and how the install went.

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