Neighbor’s light is killing me

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by 01 grad, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. 01 grad

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    I've got a call in to my districts code compliance office. I'm waiting to have that conversation before I do anything. I am in San Antonio.

    I like the idea about wearing down battery. Lights on my side were my initial reation, but I now think more light will not bother this guy. His backyard is already lit up like NYC all night long. I've also thought about extending the fence height temporarily with some wood supports and an ugly black tarp. See how he likes looking at that, my wife doesn't like that idea though.
  2. accuratehorn

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    You know those novelty frogs that rivet when someone passes by them? You could set out a hundred of them right at the edge of the property. Those get irritating after a short time.
  3. Ignatius

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    Trying to out-******* an ******* never works in the long run...

    Out of curiosity, what started all of this? Is the guy just freaking insane?
  4. Anastasis

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    **** that ****. That game camera is ******* ridiculous and needs to be disposed with.
  5. zzzz

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    Erect a big sign that blocks the light. On the side facing him, put the words "**** You."
  6. 01 grad

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  7. zzzz

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    Erect a big sign that says,

    "I pity your grandkids."
  8. Steel Shank

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    Steel Shank thinks you know what this is:

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    **** I'm glad all I've got is a packrat neighbor. This guy seems like a complete jackoff.

    Like others I'm curious how it came to get this way in the first place?

    I tend to err on the side of taking the high road with neighborly disputes...but that game camera ******** would send me over the edge. Personally I'd like you to take a video camera to his door and kindly ask him to turn off the light and take down the camera. I just want to see this idiot.
  11. pasotex

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    I think the camera is an invasion of privacy. The light is absolutely a nuisance and you should be able to get a civil injunction obligating him to remove both. In the interest of ending the insantiy, I would have a civil attorney write him a letter requesting the removal of both and offering some sort of pre-suit mediation.
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  16. Lat22

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    Wow. That picture says it all. Your neighbor is a complete nut job. Surely San Antonio has something similar to Austin when it comes to code compliance.
  17. Left Hand Black

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  18. l00p

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    You need to have a bbq and invite us, all of us. Just sayin'. We will stay clothed. We better stay clothed.
  19. 01 grad

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    The camera and light are down. For now at least. It ended rather peacefully, so no descriptive payback post for me to make.

    I would like to thank hornfans for their input. My wife and I decided to try to give him one last chance. We decided she would go over there, bring our 2-year old son along to try and discourage the usual tirade. I stayed behind because me being there would provide no chance for civil conversation. Plan was very simple: We used advice from this thread. Brought copy of code explaining light was a nuisance and threatened to file civil injuction regarding removal of camera.

    It worked, he removed camera and turned light off within 15 minutes. Frankly, I am shocked it worked. But just gladd it's over, for now.
  20. accuratehorn

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    Certainly a better result for you than a retaliatory strike, but lacking in humor value for posting purposes. I was hoping for a mass mooning of the camera at your next backyard BBQ.
  21. ScoPro

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    Well, guess I'll put my pants back on and go out & buy my own Thick & Hearty burger.
  22. Bob Wills

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    I love it when a plan comes together.

    Good to hear that you didn't resort to questionable countermeasures which may have landed you on the 5 o'clock news.
  23. Summerof79

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    Hell I would just go talk to him and find out for sure that he is not Tony Montana paranoid about being attacked by South American Drug lords first....

    Tell him the light was bothersome but what the heck is the Game Camera for? (even though you probably shot out the light I am sticking with your story) He's already got a picture of you taking a picture of his light and camera. [​IMG]

    Tell him the light is annoying and that the camera is definitely an invasion of your privacy. If you have kids say this is an especially important issue to you , because you find the placement of the elight and camera odd.

    BE NICE! DO NOT GET PISSED! BE very matter of fact regarding the matter, in fact presume that he doesn't even know he is bothering you. Just be nice as **** about it. But be firm in that he needs to redirect the light and that the camera is sort of odd.

    If he says **** you, say fine. I'll make it somebody else's problem. He will of course ask "What do you mean?" You reply just what I said... with no declaration of what you are going to do. Then just turn it over to code enforcement, or voice your concerns about the really weird neighbor guy trying to film your kids.

    But be nice as fukcing ****!!!! If nothing else it will bother the neighbor that you can be so calm about it. DO NOT let them get under your skin or you will hate coming home to your own house.

    BE NICE! NOTHING will drive the guy bonkers next door than you just being nice. Even apologize for calling the code enforcement folks on him.

    Oh yeah... buy more ammo... just in case....
  24. Summerof79

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    OOPS... should have read toward the end before posting...
  25. brntorng

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    Well done, but not nearly as much fun as it could have been. [​IMG]
  26. Anastasis

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    ****, we were right at defcon 6, full scale bay of pigs around the corner, espionage, ninja **** and everything, and you had to send the wife over to broker a peaceful resolution?
  27. AstroVol

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    Solar panel. If the guy wants to be mean about it, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to generate free power from his meanness.
  28. bevosayshi

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    What LOOp said.....

  29. longyak

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    Next time let your 2 year old son run around the backyard naked and report the guy to the police as a pedophile taking pictures of your kid and let his game camera be your proof.
  30. zzzz

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    I never knew game cameras existed before this thread.

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