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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Dec 9, 2017.

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    "TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte has been hired to assume the same position at the University of Texas where he will assume responsibility for both the men’s and women’s athletic departments, a source told the Austin American-Statesman on Saturday.

    Texas was expected to make the announcement this afternoon.

    Del Conte will replace Mike Perrin, who took over on an interim basis in September 2015 after Steve Patterson was fired by university president Gregory L. Fenves.

    Del Conte took over at TCU in 2009 and has raised that athletic program to heights the Horned Frogs have never reached before. The football team won a Rose Bowl over Wisconsin and lost to Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship earlier this month, and the baseball team has reached the College World Series the last three consecutive seasons.

    Under his leadership, he oversaw the school’s entrance into the Big 12 in 2012. Under his watch TCU also underwent several athletic upgrades, most notably the construction of the new Amon G. Carter Stadium and football offices at a cost of nearly $170 million and and a $72 million renovation of TCU’s basketball facility.

    Under Del Conte, five TCU head coaches (Gary Patterson, football; Jim Schlossnagle, baseball; Karen Monez, rifle; David Roditi, men’s tennis; Haley Schoolfield, equestrian) have been named National Coach of the Year in their respective sports. Jamie Dixon, hired in March 2016 as head men’s basketball coach, received National Coach of the Year accolades at Pittsburgh."
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    Del Conte and Tom Herman worked together at Rice.

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    This is an outstanding hire, I am frankly shocked that he got plucked from TCU, he did extraordinary things in Fort Worth and getting him to Austin is a giant step forward for the Texas athletic department.:bevo:
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    Hope this is a good hire for UT!

    I wonder if Mike Perrin is going to remain in some capacity.

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    We needed a miracle worker. Hopefully we got one.
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    Chris Del Conte’s statement

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    Good. Plonsky has done a great job with the women’s department recently.
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    Totally agree and so impressed with this hire. It has been amazing the presence TCU has carved out here in FW. While their Jumbotron is obnoxiously noisy, I hope that he can be just as good for UT as he’s been for TCU.
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    Mr. Del Monty didn't ask me but I would say jack up prices now while Texas football is hot what with the bowl game and all


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    While I was dissapointed that it wasn't Mack, this looks like a really good hire.
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    We should all be gruntled by this.

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    Welcome Chris. Now get in there and start doing things RIGHT.
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    On a scale of 1 to infinity, this hire is infinity-x-infinity!
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    Right or wrong I always sensed that Mike Perrin took the job out of a sense of loyalty and service to UT, that he really didn't want it. This could be completely misguided on my part. However, if true, he may be grateful to simply return to his "normal" life.
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    So, in terms of improvement/changes to the football program, what can we expect to see in the next 12 months?
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  21. LonghornCatholic

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    Herman on the hire:

    “I knew when a new athletics director took over that Greg Fenves would make a terrific hire, and he certainly did. I’m absolutely thrilled that Chris Del Conte will be leading our Athletics Department. I’ve known him for several years, worked with him during my time at Rice and have continued to admire his work from afar for a long time. He’s a smart and creative leader who has a great passion for student-athletes and college sports. On top of that, he’s an engaging, energetic and fun person to be around and work with. We’re definitely in good hands, and I’m looking forward to a bright future with Chris leading the way.”
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    I think that's right, but I believe once he got into doing the job and hanging around with the BMD's he kinda liked it.

    I really don't pretend to know much about administering a dept. like UT athletics, but I just hope this guy is as good as most people seem to think he is. I just think we can do better than we have for the past several years.

    We have to many assets to be as mediocre as we have been.
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  24. Joe Fan

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    Anyone seen if Plonsky will retain full AD salary?
  25. Sangre Naranjada

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    The only dark spot in this entire wonderful story is that Plonsky will still be unjustifiably soaking up a salary at Belmont.
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    It wasn't a wish list question. Lol I don't know much about AD responsibilities other than coaching hires, facilities, fundraising, and selling beer at the stadium.

    But maybe you can jump up on del conte's lap and ask. See if you get a new OC under the tree this year. ;)
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    I hope Sonnie Cumbie is packed in his suitcase
  28. Driver 8

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    I can't imagine a new AD trying to make moves with coordinators and undermine Herman
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    yeah, cuz that's never happened around here before.

    ... sigh ... in fairness, Del Conte doesn't seem to be a Patterson, so perhaps he'll actually let his Head Football Coach BE the Head Football Coach and support him like no UT HC has ever been supported before. No excuses. So do your best.
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    well, coach and AD like each other, so I'd assume the opposite of undermining. if del conte wants a change and gets coach to agree, we'll hear it from coach as if it's his idea.

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