New York is having a rough time

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Mar 26, 2020.

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    They only cared about him because he instructed his henchman to go after Trump in NYC.
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    Well, DiBlasio is another sinking ship, so the NY Dems would be wise not to tie their fortunes to him either.
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    He's pretty much a lame duck at this point...even NYC voters don't want him after the term expires. He is getting his dead cat bounce at the moment by coat-tailing on the Cuomo-bashing, but he ALSO pissed a lot of residents off with the recent display of TDS.
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    I know plenty of New Yorkers and DiBlasio is not well liked. Folks seemed mixed on Cuomo until the pandemic and nursing home thing. Now nobody likes him either.
  5. Joe Fan

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    I am starting to get the feeling that are trying to clear the deck for AOC. An idea I say is supported by the fact that they are now coming out with allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo. Allegations they have been sitting on for years. So, why now?

    " ..... In Boylan’s account of the alleged sexual harassment, she was working as chief of staff at the state economic development agency in 2016 when Cuomo allegedly communicated to her boss that he had a “crush on her.” Months after that incident, the director of the governor’s office reportedly informed Boylan, who shared screenshots of an email exchange, that Cuomo “suggested I look up images of Lisa Shields — his rumored former girlfriend — because ‘we could be sisters; and I was ‘the better-looking sister.’” Cuomo also reportedly called Boylan “Lisa” around his office, which she said was “degrading.”

    “I had complained to friends that the Governor would go out of his way to touch me on my lower back, arms and legs. His senior staff began keeping tabs on my whereabouts,” Boylan wrote.

    Other similarly uncomfortable and inappropriate situations, Boylan said, unfolded as the years went on, such as Cuomo’s request that the aides all play “strip poker.” At one point, the governor even allegedly isolated Boylan in his office, making a reference to former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair while he talked with her alone. He also gifted her a rose on Valentine’s Day and put a signed photograph of himself on her “closed-door office while I was out.”

    “These were not-so-subtle reminders of the Governor exploiting the power dynamic with the women around him,” Boylan wrote.

    * * * As I got up to leave and walk toward an open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips. I was in shock, but I kept walking,” Boylan said.
    Can you imagine if this were one of the Trumps?

    Former Cuomo Aide Details Allegation Of Sexual Harassment By The Governor
  6. Chop

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    Who knows. I have my doubts whether AOC could win a statewide race.
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    Too liberal for me :smokin:
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    Agree, Chop. Once you get out of NYC, the rest of the state tends to be more conservative. And AOC was elected in a district that is so liberal that she could run as a Communist and still win.
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  10. bystander

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    The media knew all about Cuomo and his history of bullying and corruption. Yet they propped him up becuase of TDS. Will The Washington Post be held accountable?

    This type of article is where the election fraud took place. Multiply this by about 100 per day, and what we had was the election being irreparably impacted by the media carrying Joe Biden across the finish line.
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  11. OUBubba

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    How does this article relate at all to "election fraud"?
  12. Chop

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    So Cuomo is now under fire for (allegedly) grabbing a much younger woman by her cheeks and asking for a kiss.

    Here she is (She probably thought "Yuck, get this old creep away from me." :puke:)

    While this one event is pretty tame compared to many recent usual sexual harassment reports coming out about lecherous older men, and nothing compared to the Epstein stuff, it still goes to show something about Cuomo's belief as to his own entitlement. She's also the third young woman to come forward re: Cuomo harassment. Cuomo makes an easy target for the Democrats to turn on one of their own.

    Gov Cuomo grabbed woman’s face and said ‘can I kiss you’ at wedding
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    Reminds me of a sad country song....

    So I'll hang around as long as you will let me
    And I never minded standing' in the rain
    But you don't have to call me darlin', darlin'
    You never even called me by my name
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    He's a dirty old man. Don't elect him president and we're below the GOP bar.
  15. Horn2RunAgain

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    You'z guys are so far below the GOP bar, you can count the # of hairs on our ***...
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  17. bystander

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  18. Chop

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    It’s a coinflip as to whether Cuomo gets pushed out.
  19. Sheldon Cooper

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    Keep in mind that Democrats for the most part don't believe in God so they don't care about traditional Judeo-Christian values such as monogamy except when they can use it as a weapon.

    For those of us who do believe in things like marriage and monogamy it strikes at our core values, but for a Democrat everything is okay as long as you can get away with it.

    They will reap what they soe, and now it looks like Cuomo is getting his. To be honest, I'm still surprised any of this is news I figured the news media would sweep it under the rug or find some way to blame it on Trump.
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    It is my feeling that millions of Democrats including the Black and Latino demographic have deep roots in the church. Racism makes them Democrats. I'm from South Texas and they are staunchly Catholic. But they will turn their back on their religious beliefs in the same way that Liberals accuse Republicans of turning their backs on personal morality just to support Trump? Why? It's because some core values are more vital than others. For Blacks and Latino's, racism is an overwhelming force in their lives. There is no point in debating it. It's a given. As white people (though I'm half-Cuban) we can either accept it as a given or understand that the legacy of an abusive inferior status impacts the human mind in more ways than we know.

    That is my comment on Democrats, of which I am one. I am searching for their party.

    Which brings us to Liberals. That is where the extreme hatred of feminism and hostility towards God resides. They are the true enemy in my view. They have become normalized through years of intimidation tactics. They are the one's who need to be countered.

    Back to Cuomo. I do have to give AOC some credit here. She is challenging him on this. That's all I ask. Live your big mouth. Well... it appears she's willing to cross him. Even Hillary is weighing in but I give her ZERO CREDIT for this because she is such a conniving political liar that I doubt her sincerity, though as a woman, she probably does not like what he did. But HILLARY FIRST is how she thinks and if it hurts her to challenge him then she wouldn't do it.
  21. horninchicago

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    @bystander I am stunned you still identify as a Dimocrat at this point.
  22. bystander

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    It's an ideal that I have: Fiscal Conservative, Social Democrat. Strict Constructionist including holding the religious nuts at bay. A reasonable view on our rights.

    For example; instead of teaching children that gender change operations and feelings are normal, I'd stick to countering bullying. But I would have compassion towards children who have these feelings. I am very close to a parent whose son announced their transgender woman status recently. It is VERY DIFFICULT but the decisions are to be loving and supportive.

    People like Gregory Abbott and Rick Perry repel me.

    And you know how I feel about Liberals. I F'n can't stand them.
  23. horninchicago

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    Yep, definitely know your feelings on libs. That's why I figure you would vote for Rs vs the liberal agenda brought forth by Dims.

    Frankly, I think Dims want their votes. They don't love and support them. Honest question, how do Rs not support them. What Bills or legislation do they propose to keep them down besides disagreeing with competing against the gender they try to be and not going into restrooms where minors could be? That sort of thing.
  24. bystander

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    I know we only have two parties. I'm howling at the moon about Liberalism. It is the worst thing going: White privilege campaign, PCness, Cancel Culture, Virtue Signaling, Sanctimony...

    It's so obvious. The evidence is overwhelming. The verdict is in: Liberalism is a cancer in our country.
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  25. horninchicago

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    Come to our side. We will welcome you with open arms.

  26. bystander

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    The Republicans should be winning by landslides. They only have themselves to blame.
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  27. OUBubba

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    A. He's not my hero.
    B. He needs to be held to account.
    C. He can care and still do stupid things. I even think Trump cared about a few things.
  28. OUBubba

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    What a crock. I'm a Democrat. I've taught Sunday School, I've been a church Treasurer, my daughter is a youth director. Next thing you know every Democrat is going to be an Antifa member in your world view.
  29. OUBubba

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    Cancel culture. Colin Kaepernick says "what's up?"
  30. horninchicago

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    He said, "...for the most part...".

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