No Longhorns will play in the Super Bowl BUT...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by orngblud, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. orngblud

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    One is guaranteed to get a ring! Marquise Goodwin is on the IR for the 49ers and Alex Okafor is on the IR for the Chiefs! So... root accordingly...
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  2. 1sahorn

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    kyle shanahan could get a coaches ring
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  3. orngblud

    orngblud 500+ Posts

    Yes! How did I miss mentioning that?!?!
  4. BevoJoe

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    At this point, I don't have any skins in the game, but as he was a former Horn and player, I hope Kyle get's the W.
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  5. WorsterMan

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    I'm for Kyle's success but NOT the 49ers.

    I too have no dog in this hunt.

    However I like KC as the Horns have been on the roster a lot in recent years including Priest, Johnson, Charles, Okafor off the top of my head...

    So go Chiefs!!
  6. Handler

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    Don't forget Richard Hightower - ST coach for 49ers too.

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