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    In Texas, only the extreme rural voters can credibly claim any inconvenience at getting an ID. These rural voters are not the ones suing because they won't be voting for Democrats anyway. The overturning of the Texas ID law was ridiculous and took several unsuccessful tries - mostly because they had such trouble finding a credible plaintiff. But never fear, one was manufactured as they always are.
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    Fake News!

    "Texas has no driver's license offices in almost a third of the state's counties. Meanwhile, close to 15 percent of Hispanic Texans living in counties without driver's license offices don't have ID. A little less than a quarter of driver's license offices have extended hours, which would make it tough for many working voters to find a place and time to acquire the IDs. Despite this, the Texas legislature struck an amendment that would have reimbursed low-income voters for travel expenses when going to apply for a voter ID, and killed another that would have required offices to remain open until 7:00 p.m. or later on just one weekday, and four or more hours at least two weekends."

    In my lily white Republican Sunday school class we determined that we had 2-3 family members who either didn't have a current ID or would have difficulty getting it. Elders, yo!
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    The counties in TX which don't have DL offices are extremely rural. I grew up in one of them - Palo Pinto County. Guess what? Virtually all of the legal residents of the county would drive into Eastland County to get a DL. None of us were reimbursed for our trips nor should we be. Maybe you have to invest a small amount of time and money to obtain driving and voting privileges. I have no problem with that.

    If your Republican Sunday school class has 2-3 family members who don't have current ID, it is because they are homebound or in a rest home. If you were a good son, you would take your mom to the DPS to get an ID. Shame on you!
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    I would shoot down the travel reimbursement. That's unreasonable. The lack of extended hours is what I was referencing. My mommy is fine, thank you very much...

    There was also a SIGNIFICANT racial difference.
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    That makes no sense. You're saying that for me to be right, there have to be 0 videos of biased people out there - and again, the bias goes both ways.

    If I had no idea which political viewpoints, parties, etc, were favored by what policies, in a vacuum I and many other would be saying "Of course you should have to show ID to vote, that's common sense."
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    Two points on this. First, if these amendments had been adopted, it wouldn't have attracted a single Democratic vote. The issue has become a massive partisan tool for race-baiting, so any Democrat who votes for any voter ID bill will almost surely get primaried. Since no Democrats are going to vote for it anyway, why agree to any compromise amendments?

    Second, reimbursing for travel expenses or keeping DPS offices open would significantly boost the fiscal note on the bill. Texas has a balanced budget constitutional requirement. That means that to adopt such amendments, the Legislature would have to go find the money for it somewhere. Why would Republicans raise taxes or cut other budget priorities when they know Democrats will still oppose the bill and still whine their vitriolic hyperbole as though we were resegregating school's or legalizing lynching?

    And seriously, reimbursing travel expenses? Can you imagine how much fraud that would invite? You'd have to hire an army of claims handlers and investigators. Realistically, it would probably cost tens of millions of dollars per year to do something like that. Totally absurd.
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    So the 2-3 (I realize that distinguishing between 2 or 3 may be difficult for an OU grad)church members could make it to church, but they can't make it to a TXDOT office to get a driver's license or ID?
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    It was well over a year ago. I really don't remember. Should I have said "a few" to be more vague? They were talking about various relatives that no longer had valid ID. They were republicans as well. :)
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    It really doesn't matter if the were Republicans, Communists, or Socialists. The point is, if they can make it to church, they can make it to TXDOT's local office.
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    In the 21st Century, there's no logical reason to oppose validating one's ID in order to cast a vote.

    The right to vote is clearly stated in the US Constitution. Provision to do so without some degree of valid ID is NOT.

    When those who oppose a state-govt issued ID requirement to vote also use the same "purist" view of the 2A ... then we can talk like reasonable folks.

    The Voter ID (in Texas) is REASONABLE, and is even supported by the State taxpayer with the mobile ID units whose schedule is available. The ability to go vote at a specific location in a specific 3 week period seems like a greater restriction than the requirement to meet this mobile ID unit at some point during the other 11 months of the year; compliments of the Texas Taxpayer.
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    No longer have ID? so they did have one and didn 't renew OR change it over to just an ID
    which can be done online or even stzrt the process by phone IIRC
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    I always thought that a mobile unit was the answer. I'm glad to hear that there is already that accommodation. totally agree that obtaining a license is an incredibly low bar. Once obtained it is good for 6 years, with a grace of 2 years before it becomes null. You can renew it online for goodness sakes. So really this boils down to ONE TIME IN YOUR LIFE, you have to go to a DPS office to validate who you are. And since there are mobile units, you may not even have to go to them, they'll come to you. It's utter nonsense that people can't get this done.
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    I understand Texas has at least 9 units.

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