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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by SabreHorn, Jun 12, 2018.

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    My grandson (just turned 10) & I arrived early so he could destroy one or more credit cards in the gift shop. I chose to park on a surface lot rather than in the garage. Walking to the field we walked by the Tenn Tech tailgate, and encountered a number of their fans to whom I said, "Welcome to Austin, hope you've had a good time". (This is something I always do to visiting football fans - even Ohio State) Everyone of the 50+ we came in contact with had the same thing to say - "We've never been treated so well anywhere we've been." Congratulations to our fan base and the citizens of Austin for displaying such class and being great hosts. I have to add, that each also said how badly they were treated in Oxford.

    I have always thought our fanbase has a tendency to get a little complacent and "go to sleep". Yesterday and today, they were more like the football game against OU. It was really electric.

    My interactions with CDC has been limited thus far, but I ran into him on the way down to the field to get autographs after the game. He was like a kid on Christmas morning, almost dancing as he enlightened me with the announcement "We're going to Omaha". Not what I expected, but a really nice change.

    To those that couldn't make it, I'm sorry you missed the intensity of the team and the crowd. For those that were there, thank you for making an incredible memory for my grandson and me; something I know he will tell his grandkids about.

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    The intensity in my office at work was at critical mass a couple of those innings. Watching on computer you could feel the crowd willing Texas on it was awesome. thanks for the first hand account.
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    I watched the game last night after work. Obvious to me that TTU would have won if we didn’t match their intensity. Kudos to the coaches for keeping the team focused on a lesser named opponent
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    Just really proud of the boys of summer.
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    We were there on Sat and Sun and the crowds were great. I bought a Dr. Pepper in DFF for the first time in, well, probably ever. IDK if this was because it was an NCAA event so the vendor was different, or because I mentioned to CDC at the alumni game that we really should be able to buy DP at Texas. I hope it was the latter.
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    Congratulations, Phil.

    The concession outside 4, 5, & 6 only had Coke products. After the game, I did find a freestanding vendor with bottled DP, but not at food stores. I even asked the people working the food concession for one.
  7. Phil Elliott

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    Yeah it was a bottled DP from the vendor who was in the space where I normally get my beer. Baby steps...
  8. Win

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    I noticed Dr. Pepper was available during the TCU series at the Mighty Fine Truck. Then I noticed the drink vendors underneath the stadiums had Dr. Pepper for sale too. I tried tweeting something to Del Conte the Saturday of the Regional weekend to thank him but surprisingly didn't get a response. If it was your conversation that initiated the sale of DP, I thank you!

    On another note, I hope people are able to continue coming out to the Disch at the start of next season. Contrasting the last two weekends to the majority of the season before May, you could hear a pin drop and sit anywhere you wanted. You can probably say we have fair weather fans as early on temps required bundling up with temps in the 50's or lower.

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