Oklahoma State at Baylor

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by giveemhell, May 11, 2018.

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    It's the only series that really affects us this weekend, at least as far as the B12 standings go, and the cat-skinners just beat the cowpukes 13-5 in Game 1. That's kinda interesting...
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    The Bears, by the way, have now won 13 games in a row, after sweeping both TCU and K-State, and winning their non-conference games in between.
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    Okie-State ends Baylor's win streak, taking Game 2 by a score of 11-6. Current B12 standings at the top:

    1. Oklahoma State: 16-4 (.800)
    2. Texas: 14-7 (.667)
    3. Oklahoma: 13-8 (.619)
    4. Texas Tech: 12-9 (.571)
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    Did the Bears start sprinkling PEDs on their cereal midseason? Baylor wins the series versus Okie State by a score of 7-3 in game 3. The final weekend of the B12 regular season next week just got a lot more interesting:

    1. Oklahoma State: 16-5 (.762), to play Tech in Stillwater
    2. Texas: 14-7 (.667), to play TCU in Austin
    3. Oklahoma: 13-8 (.619), to play Kansas in Lawrence
    4. Texas Tech: 12-9 (.571), to play Okie-State in Stillwater
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    We should finish 2nd in B12, barring a catastrophe as we hold the tie-breaker with the other the other 3 teams. Still a shot at winning the regular season, but a long-shot. I’ll be happy with 2 of 3 from the cockroaches. Then, if we can win 1-2 tourney games, we should be in good position to host a regional. At least we are in control of our own destiny. Will be a fun final weekend!

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    If Texas can win 3 of 4 this week there is a great shot at hosting a regional especially if can win a couple of games in Big XII tournament. I really think that if the Horns win all 4 there is great shot at winning the Big XII as I think Tech can take 2 of 3 from Okie State.
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    need some TV on these series this weekend
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