OL Brandon Hodges transferring

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by X Misn Tx, Jun 20, 2017.

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    Congratulations to the young man for graduating. From not qualifying out of HS to graduating from Texas in four years (Yes, two in juco, but our admissions dept usually takes 60 hours of juco and turns them into 21 hours that will transfer.) That's not easy to do, but the academic counselors in the athletic should use this as a huge positive in recruiting and when salary review comes around.
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    Very thin at d-line and now thinner at o-line as well.
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    Don't understand why he would now transfer? Anyone have more info?
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    He sat out most of spring due to academic issues.
    Probably set him back on the depth chart.
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    7 transfers now per B&E on 104.9 this morning. expected a few but 7 surprises me. sure hope the young OL studs that came in the last two years rise to the occasion.
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    I guess he thinks he can make an impression somewhere else with his last remaining year of eligibility. You'd think with our OL situation, UT would be his best bet to see significant playing time.
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    Maybe it is a system fit or culture fit issue? Hate to speculate. I loved Hodge's JUCO highlight tape. Honestly, some of the kids lined up across from him looked like they were pretty much ready give up playing organized football.
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