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Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by l00p, May 22, 2010.

  1. l00p

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    It's usually situated by the RR tracks on MLK, South side of the road. It's very near to the Metro fiasco rail station.

    Their burgers are flat out awesome. They are steak burgers. Their fries are thick and I think hand cut. I even tried their Potato Salad and I must say it was very tasty. I don't like Tater Salad as a rule but this is the exception. Large chunks of potato and egg with a good amount of dill and pepper. It was not runny and mushy like most I have encountered.

    I have only gotten the Burgers so I cannot chime in on their Cue. But they are nice guys who offer a great product at a good price and don't skimp on the portions.
  2. chango

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    Thanks for posting. My son (11) and I are going to be in Austin later this month for a day -- this sounds like exactly the kind of place he would love!!
  3. l00p

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    Chango, they often do special events or private type parties in other locations so they are not always at their MLK spot. They have updates on Facebook, I think, to let people know if they are at their MLK location or not. They seem to be at it Tue-Sat after 11 till about 6'ish. Just fyi.
  4. l00p

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    They have a website now. It may be too late for the visit of the Changos but maybe it will help for your next visit or during football season.

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    Looks like a winner
  6. l00p

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    That traveling guy on the Food Network said something along the lines of somebody being stupid for passing them up. They've gotten lots of good pub locally and nationally lately. I am happy for them. They are great guys with a great product.

    I am noticing them being quite in demand lately so it's important to pay attention to where they will be almost on a day to day basis. They are getting swept up by big events and private parties more and more.

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