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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Texas Taps, Apr 13, 2015.

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    From COTA last Saturday. During Q2 (qualifying for poll position in MotoGP) Marc Marquez pits for a rear tire change. They have trouble getting the bike started but he makes it back on the track. Here's where the video starts. Once on the track he gets a warning light, parks the bike propping it up near the end of the pit wall, jumps the 5 foot pit wall, sprints flat out through the pits for 42 seconds and jumps on his backup bike with 2:36 left on the Q2 clock. What does he do? He sets a new ******* lap record @ 2:02.135!

    Damn you Dorna Sports :D
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    A fan's view

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    That is nuts how quickly and how far they lay those bikes over in the turns.
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