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Discussion in 'Softball' started by racerx5908, Jan 9, 2020.

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    Drool-worthy! I know that in some very fuzzy, rough plans there was mention that some time in the future UT might build a softball-only facility with an indoor infield just like what is shown in the LSU video. But, it was not definite and was implied after other major additions where done. i.e. football stadium south end and the new basketball arena.
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    I hope ours is the best of the best!
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    Well, we can only hope. I know Del Conte loves to build, but we'll be paying buyouts of one or two basketball coaches (and/or football coaches) by then. So, who knows if it will be happening soon.
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    Lol it will most likely be shaka smart if Texas gets anything less than 2nd in the big 12 so with that being said this is most likely his last season. Other than that Texas should be good because the contract of Karen Aston is up after this season anyways so I don't think her contract will be renewed if they continue to be inconsistent so hopefully everything work out for Texas softball because they are becoming an elite program

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