Ou v. West Vg postponed for covid

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Badass, Nov 26, 2020.

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    I’m truly not surprised based upon the lack of discipline at OU.
    Did you see the OU-OSU game?
    The Sooners, especially the DE who had been suspended for wacky weed, talked **** the entire game. So did #44. 44 even received a penalty for consistently running his mouth.
    Yes, OU is good- but really surprised Riley let’s this Miami 80’s retro BS happen.
    There is no telling what shenanigans are going on behind the scenes with the players.
    Say what you will about Strong or TH, but this doesn’t occur here.
    I have a close family member who played at Aggieland and he said any player that gets busted for a failed maryjane test is a moron as the university lets them know that tests were coming 30 days prior.
    There were no surprise random testing.
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    Having to play WVU in Morgantown, the week prior to CCG, could be an issue for OU.
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    Announcers kept saying the OU-OSU game was "getting chippy" but really it was all one-sided on the Sooners' part.
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    I like Mike Gundy, and I usually pull for his team. This game was no exception, but OU was having their way. oSu has been able to hold their own being mouthy since before Pat Jones was coach. Bedlam was a two way street with words, but one way on the field.
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    Too bad...I felt like they were due a letdown and Morgantown this week would have been a good place for it.
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