Our final record: how much different ?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by orangecat1, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I was on the fence before the season, finally settled on 9-3.

    We're headed for 7-5 or 6-6. My prediction is only 2 to 3 games different. But look at how close we are to 4-8, or even 3-9. We are two plays from losing both the OSU and Baylor games. I don't know if Bergeron fumbled at the bottom of the pile against OSU, but if he did fumble and the refs were somehow able to see it, that would be one game.

    Then when Joe DID fumble against Baylor in the last minute, but we recovered the ball. If Baylor recovered that ball, they score, no doubt.
    Then yesterday, if Kansas somehow catches the Int that Case threw, game over.

    We could easily be 3-5 right now.

    Is there a chance something happens at the top if we go 6-6 and lose the bowl game?

    I guess it all depends upon how bad a team like Iowa State wants to beat us. They've beaten us before, I think they will be up for the game. I wonder how good their coach really is? This should be a good test for him. Inferior talent, on the road with 100,000 fans watching.
  2. dillohorn

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    This team is likely to lose the remaining 4 games, and probably by loppsided scores. [​IMG]
  3. Bayerithe

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    Is Paschal back for TCU?
  4. arieshorn

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    Nope. He is currently in rehab and out for the remainder of the year.
  5. Statalyzer

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    Why does everyone think we will lose to Iowa State and TCU? These are gimmes in my opinion.
  7. beaVo

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    we MIGHT win them but they are definitely not gimmes.

    if Kansas wasn't a gimme, then none of these last few games are.
  8. Finger Likcin'

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    ISU will beat us by 10.

  9. dillohorn

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    For the same reason that I posted about Kansas not being a gimme.
  10. Bigtex112

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  11. Statalyzer

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    I predicted 9-3, stating if we lose 4 or more it would be because our offense remained stagnant, unable to help our stout defense.

    Boy, was I wrong. Now I say 7-5. I think we likely lose three of our next four. 8-4 is certainly possible, I don't think 9-3 is going to happen.

    7-5, the way this defense has played, with rout vs. ou, is stunningly unacceptable. Heads should roll.
  13. geezerhorn

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  14. Horns11

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    I said 9-3. I still think that 8-4 is a possibility because the ISU and TCU games are at home and both have many, many flaws like us.

    We'll probably allow for more records set against Tech and KSU, however. I think if we see a 4+ TD beatdown against the Wildcats that Mack will announce his retirement between Dec. 1 and the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. But if we manage to keep it "close" (like within 3 TDs), the demise of the program will continue for at least another year.
  15. FWHORN

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    Iowa State and TCU are very flawed teams, just like Texas and with those games in Austin i would expect to win at least one and maybe both. That gets Texas to 8-4 and playing another flawed team in a bowl game. I think it is realistic to hope that this team wins 9 games.
  16. Bigtex112

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  17. Bigtex112

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    I'm going to say we've seen Texas win its last football game this season and we have at least 2 severe ***-kickings coming in Lubbock and Manhattan. My God Doege might have 600 yards passing and Klein might get 250 on the ground.
  18. Statalyzer

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    No, BigTex, that is not how it works. With no evidence available as to which player recovered a fumble, it would stay with the team that last had possession. And a player who we all know for sure didn't recover the fumble grabbing the ball out of the pile several seconds late doesn't change that.

    It's not like unpiling and finding a guy at the bottom with the football - you don't know if that guy made the recovery, but he probably did. In this case, you know for sure that this particular player didn't.

    In addition, just thinking logically although you can't make a call based on this, except for him not a single OSU player seemed to think they had gotten the recovery - plus the fact that he took it away lends credence to Texas recovering it, since it wouldn't make much sense for him to snatch the ball out of his teammate's hands.
  19. scottyhorn

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    Texas will finish 7-5 if Case starts if Ash is our QB we are 6-6. Iowa State and TCU both play defense were UT plays two-below. I just hope we don't get embarrassed in Lubbock this wkend as for Kansas State oh well at least they will be playing for the NC and we give Kilen a Heisman trophy just like what we did for RGIII last year
  20. EDT

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    My prediction is that we are 6-6 and Nick Saban will be the next head coach at Texas in 2013 [​IMG]
  21. OrangeClad

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    Your argument would be completely accurate if the OSU player who ended up with th ball had pulled it away from another player after the play. But, he didn't. The ball had not been recovered by anyone and nobody but him and Bergeron even knew there had been a fumble. the fact that the whistle had blown, a TD already called and thevrefs did not know there had been a fumble is what complicated the matter and I agreed with the ref's call accordingly. But, the OSU player did not pull the ball away from someone else.
  22. BevoJoe

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    At this point 7-5 is most likely. 8-4 is a surprise. 9-3 is improbable. We finish 6-6 I'd say Mack retires. And then again maybe not. We may not see a top 10 finish or BCS bowl or playoff for many years.

    I'll go with 7-5. No wins versus ranked team again this year.

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