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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by El Sapo, Dec 1, 2019.


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    For $2 million to $3 million a year, I could learn to love A&M! LOL! Money changes things.
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  2. mchammer

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    Before being corrected, I thought properly annunciated Ennis rhymed with penis.
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  3. ViperHorn

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    He was a very successful OC at Clemson.
  4. dukesteer

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    And, if I am not mistaken, the highest paid assistant in the country at the time.
  5. Statalyzer

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    I don't care if he went 7-50 as head coach, I just want to know how he did as a coordinator.
  6. AC

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    Morris over Harrell due to Harrells attitude?:idk:

    Morris won big as a coordinator.
  7. Clean

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    I don't care if he's uglier than Ed Orgeron and can't talk as good!
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  8. RainH2burntO

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    And doesnt have one in me, either.
  9. BornOrange0855

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    Harrell was a prick. But he was also 22 years old. Judge me by the way I was at 22 vs 30 after a few years in the real world and I was a vastly different person. If he's the right guy, hire him if you can. If there are others just as right as Harrell, give them first dibs. That's my take.
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  10. Sangre Naranjada

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    You mean like we did against Tech?
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  11. MajesticII

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    Morris was a good OC at Clemson, and should be an asset as a recruiter with his Texas ties. Harrell would be good as well...Either one would be a big step up from what Herman and Beck and the'committee' have done the last three years. Morris probably would be less expensive, as USC will probably try to keep Harrell, even if Helton is removed. Morris could be hired RIGHT NOW, as he is a free man as I type.
    Odom as DC is also free, and needs a job; and was a good DC before becoming a HC
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  12. David Royston

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    Why not look at Jerry Gray for DC? Legacy and NFL experience
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  13. AC

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    Top three for OC
    2.Rhett Lashlee

    Top three for DC
    1.Ash (4-3,quarters defense). Think he’s the one.
    2.Shoop (MSU)
    3.Odom (Missouri)
  14. 22Horn

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    Great input!!
  15. Pomspoms

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    Whoever signs up for DC better have some big kahunas. :yikes:
  16. LonghornCatholic

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    Herman and Harrell. Arrogant HC and arrogant OC. I think CDC is on to something. :hookem:
  17. Garmel

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  18. SabreHorn

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    Kevin Steele is candidate for DC.

    Have we become a reform school for cheaters?
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  19. easy

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    Take Scalley as DC and make Ash co-dc
    and do the same for Brady and Harrell at the OC spot. CDC said we won’t miss out on a good coach due to money well put up or shut up. If we improve another team will come along and poach one and we will already have a back up in place.
  20. rick mueller

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    Don't ask me to be the one to inspect and confirm.
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  21. AC

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    I read Scalley took himself out of consideration. He would have been my #1.
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  22. NorfolkVATiger

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    One thing to keep in mind about Brady is that he had a unique experience at LSU, where as an under-30 year old guy - who had never been even a position coach at any level - he was given free rein by Steve Ensminger and Ed Orgeron to rip up the playbook and start from scratch. Coaches talk about change, but even experienced, proven OCs' are usually forced to fit their systems into the HC's desires for an offensive philosophy.

    Rumor is that Brady will get $1.5M per year, promoted to co-OC, and more playcalling responsibilities (he already has some - reportedly E calls 1st and 2nd down, Brady calls 3rd D). I'm sure LSU will go up from there if it turns into a bidding war.

    I could see Brady leave to be full OC somewhere, or for an NFL job (you might think that's crazy, but Kliff Kingsbury got a HC job after failing at TT - the NFL is desperate for guys with good ideas on offense), but not for an offensive minded coach. Too much risk of meddling for him to leave a spot like LSU, especially if Ensminger plans to retire after next year, which is quite possible.

    In the Texas game, with LSU leading and less than 6 minutes left, Orgeron said on the headphone, should we go to the 6 minute offense (meaning start running the ball and milking the clock). E and Brady said, no, put the ball in Joe's (Burrow) hands. Then on 3rd and 17 O let them call a pass play again...how many places is Brady going to get that kind of freedom?

    TL;DR: I don't see Brady leaving to be OC for a coach with an offensive background.
  23. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    The longer this takes, the better. Right?

    Would mean candidate(s) are preparing for Conf Championship games?
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  24. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    OC hire:
    1) yes
    2) Who is this guy and what has he done ?
    3) Yes

    DC hire:
    1) What has he done and where ?
    2) Hell no....Didn't we get Diaz from there ?
    3) YES !!!!! Defensive stats are good err'where he has been a DC.
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  25. dukesteer

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    Sometimes removing oneself from consideration is about the same as a political candidate declaring that he/she (or perhaps “it” these days) is not running, only to declare later...
  26. MajesticII

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    Oh hell no !!!!!!! Not another one !!!! 3-3-5 sucks !!!!!!! Look what OU did to Baylor !!! and Us !!!! and everyone who uses that 3-3-5. Look what we did to OU's 3-3-5 last year !!!
  27. AC

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    Or stated differently, we are going in another direction from Mr. Heacock. But yes he’s not on my list.

    Rhett Lashlee is young but up and coming OC at SMU. Another TH type, hot commodity. Offensive stats are great. Only question is, will he commit to the run?
  28. AC

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    Well then scratch Shoop and put Scalley there at #2. He could be #1 but it seems he won’t take it. He is the best available to my knowledge.
  29. AC

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    Chris Ash was DC at OSU 14’ and 15’. Excellent DC, not so good as HC. He was HC at Rutgers and got fired.
  30. SabreHorn

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    In my opinion, Lashlee is a crap shoot. He learned offense as QB coach for Gus Malzahn at Springdale HS, coaching Bec's baby boy.

    He may be the next Joe Brady or the next Chuck Long. Not sure that's a gamble we can afford.

    That said, I would trust the word of Sonny Dykes, but not sure he would give a straight answer to Herman. It will have to come from someone Sonny trusts.
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