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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by EDT, Mar 27, 2021.

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  3. utahorn

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    I think that might have been my old High School. Kimball in Dallas in the mid- 70's. Me - '67 Mustang Convertable.
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  4. SabreHorn

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    How bad was it suffering through three years with Percy Penn as a principal?

    Lord knows he made me suffer through 3-4 hours in Memorial Stadium, particularly that flag-a-thon against Baylor in the early 70s when the second half was nearly three hours. It was so bad that I could only laugh when Percy blew the ball dead at the Baylor four yard line when the Baylor QB (Jefferies ???) kept a bootleg out to the 25 yard line.
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  5. utahorn

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    Mr. Blanton was the prinicplal when I was there (74 - 77). I've heard of Percy Penn but did not know him personally. Mr. Blaton was pretty cool but that says a lot from a 17 year old about a middle-aged principal.

    In those days you could not go out of class without a hall pass (did not mean for that to rhyme). The Assistant Principles were always on patrol.

    Contrast this with two stories:
    1976 - ROTC Rifle Team going to shoot against Lincoln HS. Kimball - Open, well lit, students in class. Lincoln - Two out of every three lights in the hallway are out. Students yelling, partying in the hallway. Chaos. No one is in control. I'm 16 and wondering who is in control of this school? (We won the match - only competition in South Dallas was Sunset and they were very good)

    1977 - Lunch with a friend who transferred from Sunset. He complains about homework. I replied that we have had homework since elementary school (Stemmons). He said they never had homework and was a A student, now struggling to make a C.

    Who was failing, the student or the administration?

    EDIT: I think that Percy Penn was principal my Sophmore year. Kimball was a three-year school at the time. I actually looked at the Yearbook Excalibar from 1975 and saw myself. Holy **** I'm old! Good times though.
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  6. SabreHorn

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    Dating back to the days when we were able to help in recruiting. I went to Booker T Washington to meet the HC. First question was always about grades. He told me not to worry about any of the HISD kids because, "all athletes are in AP classes; no one fails AP; lowest grade in AP is a "C", which translates to a "B" on the transcript. "

    Under educated? No, not educated at all; let em play & shove em out the door.

    Big city school districts fail to educate the kids. Few, if any of the teachers allow their children to be enrolled where they work. HISD, Dallas ISD, FWISD, Austin ISD, SAISD, Port Arthur ISD, Beaumont ISD - all on the State's watch list.
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  7. utahorn

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    This is a tragedy. Why does this happen? I saw this in the 70's and cannot explain this. We pulled our son out of what was supposed to be one the finest public middle schools in Arlington and let him finish at private school. My annual bonus was 11k+ and that paid his tuition. Money well spent but bitterly spent when the public schools failed. We still paid taxes to these "public schools".
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  8. Clean

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    They use to call allowing a kid to stay with his class, even if he didn't pass a single course, "a social promotion". I'm not sure what they call it now. San Diego Unified School District (Cal.) was talking about foregoing grades all together because they "discriminate against minorities".
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  9. WorsterMan

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    Fake photo... sorry, but far, far too many Chrysler/ Mopar products in that spread.

    No Boss / Shelby Mustangs? No Camaro / Chevelle alternatives?
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  10. SabreHorn

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    There aren't that many old Chrysler products still running in the Western Hemisphere. That photo is probably from 69-71.

    While no one in my HS had any money, and not one kid had a new car, neither did anyone have a Chrysler product because no one had money for repairs.
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  11. Giovanni Jones

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    And in my high school parking lot, there would also have been several Firebirds and El Caminos and a couple of Datsun 280Zs. And one of the girls in the class ahead of me drove a Porsche 914. (Her dad was a Porsche nut.) And there would have been three MGB convertibles, too.
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  12. WorsterMan

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    A Sr., when I was a Soph. at Southwest HS in FW in 1969 - 1970, got a Corvette his parents bought him. Johnny Blakney went on to win state HS high jump contest. I used to know the winning jump but it was or very close to 6 feet.

    A Soph. classmate of mine bought a plain Jane looking Roadrunner with a 426 Hemi in 1970 or 71 ! He had THE bad *** car when I finished HS.
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  13. HornHuskerDad

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    ^That car could pass anything on the road except a gas station. :)
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  14. horninchicago

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    In a few decades, will the all the twerps out there be bragging about their gas saving 4 banger or EV?
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  15. Clean

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    A kid at my HS got a second hand, pre-Sting Ray, Vette, probably a 62-64. A red convertible. He drove it to school with the top down for a month or so and looked really cool ..... until he totaled it.
  16. Run Pincher

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    My cousin had a Doj Charger with 440 Magnum, damn fast for cars back then. Of course he had to replace the rear tires every 1K miles.
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  17. pluckeye

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    I had a buddy in HS that had a Chevy Chevelle Super Sport with a 454 turning the tires, from the 70's. That thing would pretty much fly...
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  18. WorsterMan

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    Speaking of allsome cars... about a week or two ago I was watching a Barrett Jackson auction.

    The top sale was a pristine, original, 1967 blue Shelby Cobra with a Ford 427 engine. It sold for $5.0 MM dollars!! o_O

    Yes, $5 MM, let that sink in...

    Kinda like a dream evening with a Supermodel, I'd like an afternoon with this car! OMG!

    This is not that car but one similar on the Internet:

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  19. DKRoyal fan

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    My grandpa taught me to drive in his '49 Buick. It could go over 90 miles per hour on the gravel road next to his farm, I know this because I drove it this fast after getting my DL at 16. (shhhh....My grandparents weren't in their car when I did this)

    I knew a guy shortly after I graduated from high school who had a brand new stock Plymouth Road Runner with the biggest engine they had (over 400 cubic inches). He ran it at the local drag strips a couple of times...not sure how he faired.

    He took me and a couple of my friends for a ride in the Road Runner in town and punched it once. My stomach was left behind for several seconds. Never had felt so much power in a car, nor since. Certainly the 90+ mph ride in my grandpa's 49 Buick didn't compare in the least.

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  20. ViperHorn

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    All of you Mopar guys need to pony-up at least 70,00 to get this:

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  21. WorsterMan

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    Unbeatable on the street or in 1/4 mile, BUT you get that 426 Hemi beast between 100-120 mph and she starts floating and gets light and unstable.
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