Over the range Microwave install issue

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Vince4Heisman, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Vince4Heisman

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    I have an over the range microwave that just went out...I have a home warranty service who decided instead of fixing it they would just get me a new one. My old model is whirlpool MH6130XEB-1 with dimensions apparently of 16" height, 15" Depth, and 29 7/8" width...the width is no issue...the height is, the new unit, Model WMH2175XV has a height of 17 1/4"....which is a problem because my tile backsplash goes right up to where the bottom of the old mircowave was...so I either need to cut my tile or find a different microwave....another issue is the depth, my new unit is 16" which I dont care whether it sticks out farther except that maybe the mounting holes wont line up at the top....

    warranty company stated that there was no returns and they were not responsible for dimension issues, but lord I would have thought the first thing they check is if its a direct replacement....so now my options are

    1)Send the old unit back and pay $75 restocking fee and they order a new one and install..but probably wait 3 weeks..I have not had a microwave since mid December btw with a 4 year old...

    2)They cash out and send me $255.74 and come pick up the new wrong mircowave...essentially making it my issue

    3) Keep the new microwave, they cashout the install fee of $121.00....so I could sell the new microwave I guess and find a new one and use the 121 towards install... or try to cut my tile and make it fit...then i worry that the top mounting holes will not line up as this new unit will stick out another inch farther

    What a pain in the balls....can anyone find a whirlpool in black that is a over the hood microwave that fits a 30x16x16 space..
  2. BigWill

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    why cant new micro butt against tile?
  3. Vince4Heisman

    Vince4Heisman 250+ Posts

    well it wouldnt mount square as the tile sticks out about 3/8" I would guess...My option I am considering right now is to mount a piece of plyboard to make the tile flush...it will cause the microwave to stick out a little more but shouldnt be too bad I dont guess
  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    cash out and fire the warranty company.
  5. CottonEyedHorn

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    cash out and buy a microwave that fits your dimensions. May have to consider another brand. All the major sites like Sears, Lowes, etc. will spell out the dimensions.They are really easy to install.
  6. Vince4Heisman

    Vince4Heisman 250+ Posts

    And none make one with a height less than 16" anymore..they are all 17 1/4 it appears
  7. Smurfette

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    I helped a friend install a microwave/vent just recently. The new ones stick out a little. I think you should just put some blocking behind it and install it if you can. But If I remember correctly her microwave had a bottom bracket piece that had to be screwed into the wall, which would be difficult to do through tile.

    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts

    A handheld 4.5" angle grinder would easily take the tile down.

    If you're in Austin, you can borrow my DeWalt... I may even have a tile blade or two.

    I don't check here often, so if interested you will need to hunt me down elsewhere.

  9. Vince4Heisman

    Vince4Heisman 250+ Posts

    Thanks for offers...I got it mounted via adding 3/4" plyboard to my back wall to make it flush with my tile...everything went pretty smooth

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