Overshown refusing to practice until players' demands are met

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Htown77, Jul 2, 2020.

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    I have said for years TCU may be one of the best coaching jobs in college football. Great Texas town, beautiful campus with class students, quality academics, solid alumni support with REASONABLE expectations and a nice football venue.

    The last bum to chunk that job jumped to BAMA, Colley Station, to Texas State. His assistant when he was at TCU ain’t that stupid.
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    Agreed. For someone who allegedly is smart- he has done way too many dumb things.
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    If someone needs to tell you how smart they are, they usually aren’t that smart.
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  4. Chinstrap

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    13 – Age when I receive my SS card for my first job – white privilege

    12 - Number of jobs at graduation from UT – white privilege

    3 - Summers with two or more jobs – white privilege

    1 - Number of jobs that did not involve manual labor (oil patch, laborer, night janitor)- white privilege

    $0 - Money paid by parents or others for my college education – white privilege

    $500 - 90 day note from bank to relocate out of state for my first job after graduation – white privilege

    $100 - Money from the sale of the car I purchased and drove in college – white privilege

    $0 - Amount of money borrowed or paid by others for my children’s education – white privilege

    0 – Special college entrance considerations given my children for skin color – white privilege

    I had it much better than many others who struggled financially to get through UT. But none were burdened with putting up with the injustices of having all their costs paid by an athletic scholarship that includes expectations of participation in the sport they have agreed to play. If only these players could get into Texas with the same entrance requirements that were expected of these other students and get the opportunity to pay their own way. It is shameful what they must endure as scholarship athletes..
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  5. Orangeyman

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    Sounds a lot my experience. Mine would include:
    6.5- Number of years served in the military in order to qualify for GI bill to help fund my education.
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  6. bystander

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    There should not be one shred of guilt for being white. Not. One. Shred.

    You are to be judged in a colorless world and if you are in need of judgment, it should be by the content of your character.

    It's that simple.
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  7. horninchicago

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    The leftist hypocrisy and double standard. Don't judge people by the color of their skin unless they are white. Of course, elitist white people saying that to rid themselves of their guilt.
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  8. bystander

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    I think prominent white people, or even just white people with much to lose, are completely intimidated by the totalitarians. There is no way to fight back. There is no tool to survive. Whatever sincerity that may have been coupled with reasonableness from the other side is unavailable. It is only an admission of guilt and punishment for the sins of another.

    Sounds like Jesus.

    To purify oneself in order to assuage vicarious guilt is being demanded. There is no heartfelt conversion; only the zeitgeist that is mandated.

    The child of a mandate without free will is resentment and it's offspring is rebellion.
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  9. WorsterMan

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    Yeah, that reminds me of my younger days and a few guys I knew here and there. You know the guy ... the one that talked the most / was always bragging about how many girlfriends he had. In reality, if he needs to tell you about all the women in his life usually he had very few or none.
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  10. bystander

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    Re: Players making demands

    Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe were signed as free agents by the Cowboys in the off-season. Both are now demanding that Jerry Jones come out in support of them.

    Cowboys' Poe wants Jones to support players

    I suppose in this political climate it's a white thing to wonder how it is that a new employee can walk in and act like this without ever having played a down. In their own minds, they are bigger than the Dallas Cowboys. They are bigger than their contracts. They are bigger than the need to sell tickets in order to pay those contracts. They are bigger than branding or anything else.

    Two new players who now wish to rip the team apart. Is it, once again, support us or else?

    I can't stand Jerry Jones, but for popcorn time, I'd love to see him cut both players and invite them to protest on their newly found free time. Of course, that'd be a huge gesture, undoubtedly pissing off the remaining black players on the team, but since I don't like pro sports anyway, it would be interesting to see the mutiny. And it would be interesting to see them walk away from their life changing income.

    Anecdote. About five years ago a new employee appeared in our break room. It was her first or second day on the job. She was talking loudly against George Bush and Rick Perry.

    She was black. Her sister worked there but I didn't know it at the time. I guess she thought that gave her standing or maybe she just is the type who always has standing in her own mind.

    I remember thinking, "Who does this?" I'd been there almost fifteen years and never discussed politics with anyone. I remember some folks quietly getting their coffee and leaving without comment.

    There is a presumption that ANYTHING GOES on another man's dime.

    How did we we get here?

    CODA Edit: I actually got to know the lady over the subsequent years. She was aggressive in her position and would sort of barge into my office but I kept a firm cool. As I started asking questions about her point of view, she'd sit back and realized I knew my sh*t. I'd been there a long time and she didn't know anything about numbers. She was an operational manager and I converted her from an adversary to someone who recognized my value as I showed her how to put together her budget, a forecast and explain her variances to her superiors. Later she left the company and one day her sister said, "My sister told me to tell you hello."

    My secret was to not be rolled, stay calm and let experience and technical knowledge bubble up until she was buried in the realization that she had to perform to get along.
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  11. MajesticII

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    I have let it be known to some UT leaders that if any thing changes, the first thing should be the football HC position. It doesn't matter about wins and loses anymore, he has failed as a leader of his university.
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  12. MajesticII

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    if Jerry Jones gives in, then we might as well bend over and kiss our country good-bye. Nobody but President Trump will have the guts to stand up against this ********.
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  13. bystander

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    I thought it was a good move to talk the entire team into kneeling just prior to the anthem. It got national coverage. The point was made by the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones. But if the demand is, "NO. It has to be during the anthem," then I have a hard time separating the police brutality quotient (which I understand and am supportive of needed reforms) versus a finger at America and it's history.

    We can come together without forcing it a certain way. That is not collaboration. That is not appealing to hearts and minds. That is totalitarianism and has fostered extortion like demands in certain circles (40 acres).
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  14. Phil Elliott

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    Coaches and owners are going to have to start standing up to these malcontents or this is never going to end because they will never be satisfied.
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  15. SabreHorn

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    First move is for the owners to hire a commissioner that has balls and doesn't buy his panties at Victoria's Secret.

    The only hope I see for the NFL is to put Jerry Jones in charge and let him return it to being a business rather than a PAC and/or charity. I don't like the guy, but without Al Davis, Jones needs to take over.
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  16. longhornlegend

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    Jerry Jones might be what they need but in general, they need to push back and ask these players what are you doing to change whatever it is you dont like. For most of them, I have to say the answer is ZERO. There are players every day that would fight tooth and nail for the opportunity to play in the NFL. Everyone is replaceable. Just look at your job and figure out who left and if the company shut down. Man up and have some principle. You dont like it here in America, Europe has sports. Hop the jet and go get some!!!
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  17. longhorn47

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    Good thing we don't have a lot of Hispanic players in the NFL. Otherwise, the game may never start...Star Spangled Banner...Lift Every Voice and Sing...Oye Como Va?...La Cucaracha?...
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  18. theiioftx

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    I was in the Drum for a game the day Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry in 1988. Wally Pryor announced it.

    An immediate “Jerry Jones sucks” chant started. He still does today.
  19. longhornlegend

    longhornlegend 25+ Posts

    Did not like him firing Tom Landry but it did bring in Jimmy Jones which was good. Jerry Jones couldnt keep his own ego in check and screwed the pooch on that one too.
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  20. bystander

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    I've said this before.

    I was living in Dallas at the time. I'd moved there in 1982 and was a big Cowboys fan. I listened to sports talk radio quite a bit: Norm Hitzges in the morning and Randy Galloway on the way home from work; every day. I had a very good finger on the pulse on the opinions of metro-plex sports fans. And let me tell you, at the end, Tom Landry was getting ripped by the fans.

    "The game has passed him by."
    "They figured out the flex defense ten years ago."
    "He's too stubborn."

    Believe me, they were ready for a change. And from what I understand, Tex Schramm thought he had a deal with Tom to gracefully bow out but Tom changed his mind (doesn't all of this sound like Mack?) because he didn't want to go out a loser.

    So one day we see the big headlines about Jimmy and Jerry. It truly was a shock as far as sports goes. And you know what? Overnight, Tom was transformed from a problem old man who didn't know it was time, to "OUR TOM." Suddenly all the great things about him became apparent. All the losses in recent years were an eclipse and the sun was shining again.

    Jerry supposedly turned down Bum Brights offer to fire Tom. And Tom supposedly flew to Austin, making Jerry get on his plane and fly down to tell him the news. Again, this sounds like Mack's trip to Florida. So Jerry was brash, excited and ready to be in charge of the jocks and socks. It was so much fun to live in Dallas watching the team rebuild and win those Super Bowls. Just a buzz all over the place. I personally was glad he bought the team and later came to believe he was the best owner in the league.


    I've been bitter ever since. Ha....
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  21. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    Landry never fired anybody?
    Jerry is a pompous jerk.
    Nothing new to report
  22. bystander

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    North Dallas Forty - Pete Gent wasn't too respectful of Landry. Paraphrase from the movie after Nick Nolte's character scored a touchdown: "We let you score that touchdown."

    Duane Thomas called him a plastic man.

    He was a robotic tactician. And he used the players like cells on an excel spreadsheet.
  23. moondog_LFZ

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    Landry dumped Hollywood Henderson pretty quick.
  24. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    Letting people go and ending their careers is part of the job description for a pro coach. Gotta do it a lot every year. And then it’s your turn.
  25. longhornlegend

    longhornlegend 25+ Posts

    Another Texan whom I dont particularly like put it best: "adios mo fo"
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  26. bystander

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    Human beings are human beings. We as fans judge by the scoreboard. The coach judges by the scoreboard. But the players experience far more than just winning and losing. They work and breathe around people who pushed them in ways that might shock the average citizen. Did Landry turn a blind eye to abusive coaching practices by his staff? Was that just how life was back then? We know how Bear Bryant abused his players at Junction, but he's a God to everyone in Alabama.

    He'd probably be arrested today.

    I would never call a man stepping on a college or pro football field a snowflake. Not ever. Once the game starts, it's still as brutal as it comes. But we only saw Landry as the stoic statistician who believed in God. He was called God's coach. And the hole in the roof of Texas Stadium was so God could watch his team play.

    But we know the reality was far from that. It was ruthless.
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  27. Phil Elliott

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    Re: ND40. Pete Gent was not nearly as good a player and as integral to the team's success as Phil Elliott was.
  28. caryhorn

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    A reporter asked a Green Bay Packer O lineman how Lombardi got his players to play like they would cut off their own arm for him. The response was: “There was never a question of how hard we played. We knew that Lombardi would cut our arm off if that’s what it took.”

    It was indeed ruthless.
  29. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    I heard a quote once from Henry Jordan about Lombardi: "Coach is fair. He treats us all the same, like dogs."

    Here's a great article about the team written in 1968:

    The Toughest Man in Pro Football | The Stacks Reader
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