Pete Kwiatkowski..Texas New DC from Huskies

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by baoklhorn, Jan 19, 2021.

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    It has to be both, but if your opponent all of the sudden starts doing things they haven't done all season then you have to make adjustments. And we've had coaches that not only didn't game plan well, but didn't make halftime adjustments to what the other team was doing all first half.
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    Sometimes what you encounter in the game is a little different than what you saw on film or practiced against. Sometimes
    n opponent has unexpected abilities that are hard to see on film or practice against. Sometimes an "adjustment" is helping players finally understand what you had been telling them for the last 3 practices.
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    No, the name pronunciation is not official
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  4. RainH2burntO

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    That's how they found coach K.
    They were up there to interview Wannstedt. ;)
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    I don't post much, but I can offer first hand insight on coach K. He came up with Coach Pete, and ultimately became Defensive Coordinator in 2010. In his first year if memory serves me his defense was ranked 2nd nationally. When people think Boise State, they usually think gimmicky offense. The thing that has struck me is the defense. Each and every year the defense is salty, and never gets pushed around. This guy is a hard nose bring your lunch pail kind of guy. His defense was known as a hard hitting, disciplined brand of football. If you don't lay it on the line, you will not see the field period. It's a culture thing, so we will have to see how long it takes players to buy in. IMO, he could easily be the best D coordinator we've seen in many years. Coach Pete thought enough of him to take him to UW when he left..
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    Great to see a positive read from someone on the ground,.
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    That's great, but it could lead to a lot more players hitting the portal. And maybe that's a good thing. At least we won't have a kissing culture because you showed up for the game anymore.
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    Milk it for all it is worth
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    Apparently it took a few days for the agent to work out the deal.
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    According to some Washington Huskies fans the name is pronounced ...

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    More people are now saying it like Quit-Cow-Ski. So, still think of the cow on skis. She needs to quit skiing as a cow snow skiing is udderly ridiculous as pointed out upthread.

    Quit - Cow - Ski.
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    The last UW video I saw of Coach K had his d front running a looping stunt on both the left and the right sides, with a feigned MLB blitz to keep the center from helping the Gs and Ts handle the stunt. Until late in the year, in the last year of Tom’s regime, it didn’t seem like we were stunting much.
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    I am uphauled you would make such a comparison.
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    If our tackling is consistently good, that alone will be a big improvement over most years of the following regimes: (1) Tom Herman, (2) Charlie Strong, (3) Mack Brown, (4) John Mackovic, and (5) David McWilliams.*

    *there are some obvious exceptions, including some very good tacklers from those teams; just talking overall here...
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