Please Vince..TAKE the Heisman..You deserve it!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by baoklhorn, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. baoklhorn

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    There is a good chance that I might get flamed with Acetylene blowtorch heat for my opinion on this. But after reading the 247 article today, I got to say something.

    So we find that after the Heisman was returned, because of violations by USC and Reggie Bush, that the Heisman trophy for the 2005 season WAS OFFERED TO VINCE YOUNG.

    And what's so amazing, is that the think tank between our beloved Mack Brown and Vince Young, produced the decision to refuse it, leaving a huge void in Heisman calendar year 2005?!

    As we all know, the Heisman would have went to VY in a LANDSLIDE if voting were held the day AFTER the ROSE BOWL. Both Reggie and VY are good friends now, and comments by Reggie are that he deserves it. And we all know it was indeed the Greatest single one man performance in the History of college footballs National Title Game. Just ask Dan Fouts, and if he were still here, Keith Jackson, as they were left at loss of words describing his performance.

    Four of Oklahoma's quarterbacks were awarded the trophy for their outstanding seasonal performances. And in the light of that, their play still does not match VY's for that season, or did any of those four ( White, Bradford, Mayfield, Murray) produce a National Title. AND VY did it against a team that many understandably said was the Greatest in history at the time, with 34 Straight wins, and Two Heisman winners.

    My feelings are such that it is a No Brainer and the Fairest thing to do, is to offer Vince Young that trophy Again. He earned it, He deserves it.
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  2. Dionysus

    Dionysus Cocky + Relaxed Admin

    If offered, his best move would be to refuse it, imo. To accept it would only lend credibility to a crappy “award” process.
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  3. dukesteer

    dukesteer 2,500+ Posts

    Couldn’t they award it to VY regardless of whether or not he would accept it? In fact, perhaps he shouldn’t have a choice, and their decision should not be affected by what he might say or do after receiving the award.
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  4. Hoop

    Hoop 500+ Posts

    The Heisman voters chose Bush by a pretty large margin. VY proved his worth on the field. That legacy is cemented. Nobody is going to remember the vacated Heisman. Everyone will remember that game.
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    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    I think VY made exactly the right decision, he didnt want an award that he wasnt voted winner of, and even though the vote was just plain wrong it was what it was and VY got his NC which was the best revenge on the voters. The Heisman is a popularity contest anyway, it hasnt been about best player in college football for a long time.
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  6. El Sapo

    El Sapo Bevo's BFF

    Reminds me of this gal...we'd had two great dates with a lot of common ground and growing chemistry. At the same time, however, her ex boyfriend made a strong push to get back together with her and she relented and cancelled our next date. I told her I was disappointed but I wished her the best. Two...three weeks later I happen to just run into her and she tells me she made a huge mistake, he hadn't changed, and she deeply regretted 'picking the wrong guy'. Could we please go out together again? As I stood up to leave I put my hand on her shoulder and said "I'm sorry but I'm not going to be your second choice.". That Heisman can sit there awkward and unclaimed for all eternity for all I care. We all know who should have won it the first time.
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  7. Ajo Macho

    Ajo Macho 250+ Posts

    We can argue whether the 2005 Heisman would be a consolation prize and whether or not Vince is "above" that, but either way, Texas as a program looks better when it can say "three Heisman winners" instead of two.

    And unlike a national championship, you can't pull an SEC and claim them out of thin air.
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  8. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Saw this from an Okie State fan:

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  9. baoklhorn

    baoklhorn 1,000+ Posts

    Nobody would disagree.. it's a lucky shot that NCAA regulations made Reggie give it up. And rightfully so. And the rightful owner becomes VY, who should have won it in the first place!
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  10. n64ra

    n64ra 500+ Posts

    VY made the right choice. The Heisman Trophy Trust made the wrong choice. They should have said in once sentence "Bush's trophy has been revoked, and VY will forever be known as the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner." Then VY could chose to ignore it or accept it.
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  11. Mike the Texan

    Mike the Texan 25+ Posts

    I would like to see Vince and Ricky hang out on the Heisman House commercials together.

    - Mike
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  12. baoklhorn

    baoklhorn 1,000+ Posts

    I find it amazing that OU gets awarded 4 Heismans to 4 quarterbacks for their great seasons. And then Texas can't get ONE out of TWO quarterbacks with their seasonal performances!?? Colt was spectacular also! And Vince Youngs was all WORLD with 1,500 Rushing and 2,500 yards passing. Folks, that is ALL TIME record breaking!!
    Knock off all the pious platitudes and
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  13. horninchicago

    horninchicago 5,000+ Posts

    I imagine, rightfully so, that most on this board would ridicule A&M or Oklahoma and its fans if they "won" a Heisman in this fashion and claimed it.

    BS. The Heisman is a joke. VY and Colt should have won it. Colt could have won it twice.

    A season of work in 2005 comes down, in the minds off many of the voters, to the last game VY played against A&M and Bush played against UCLA. Total BS. What have you done for me lately mentality from the so-called experts.
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  14. NorthHorn2003

    NorthHorn2003 25+ Posts

    Doesn’t Okie State have a football NC on the stadium in Stillwater? A NC that was retroactively “awarded” to them after solicitation for it? IMO Vince did the right thing. He absolutely should have been the Heisman winner. To me, that award has turned in to a joke, just like a fake Okie State football NC. That would embarrass me if I were an Okie State fan.
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  15. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

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  16. n64ra

    n64ra 500+ Posts

    With 85 winners (oops, 84 - sorry Reggie), the Heisman has a huge bias towards universities which already have many winners so no wonder Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and USC get preferential consideration. Everyone agrees VY is better than Bush, but the deciding game came after the award. 2008 McCoy was better than Bradford well before the ceremony. First is a 10 point victory on a neutral field. McCoy is dinged for a six point loss to TTU on the road. (Lucky for Bradford he played TTU at home.) McCoy beat Bradford on completions (332 vs 328) and pass percentage (76.7% vs 67.9%). Bradford won on total yards (4720 vs 3859) and thus QB rating (180.8 vs 173.8). Of the stats, one thing stands above the rest - McCoy's 76.7% was the best ever in an NCAA season. It's so good that the record still stands.

    If you slice it head to head, McCoy is better. If you slice it stats, McCoy is better.
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  17. horninchicago

    horninchicago 5,000+ Posts

    Like I said, Colt could have won it twice. Criminal he didn't even win it once.
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  18. Bill in Sinton

    Bill in Sinton 5,000+ Posts

    And don't forget Bobby Layne who played on 3 NFL Championship teams in the 50s.
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  19. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap 500+ Posts

    Don’t assume that the Heisman is a fair and just selection process. Voters (to include media and past winners) are biased and many don’t care about fairness, but just want their man to win. Others don’t take the time to study the players. Billy Sims likes to showcase his drunken ignorance with his Boomer Sooner crap at every ceremony. Does anybody think that clown is not biased?

    The OU midget won in part because they promoted and sent out propaganda to beat out the Bama kid. Does anyone remember what happened to Peyton? There is a graveyard of failed attempts at picking the right winner. I don’t think Benson was even invited to the party. Shameful! White at OU was questionable.

    Longhorn fans need to understand the history of OU football. Having lived up there for a couple of years I got a bg taste of it. OU football was to be the source of state pride after the depression, the Dust Bowl (The Grapes of Wrath. Mention John Steinbeck and the old timers will give you a hard look and mutter a profanity.) and WWII. Then there is the chip on the shoulder of many of them over anything the state of Texas. In the 1940’s their legislature designated OU football as the shrine to worship to create state pride. Hundreds of ex-WWII soldiers were brought in for tryouts and Bud’s dynasty was built.

    I know a lot of good people from OK with solid values. But every one of them have one thing in common, they worship at the Sooner Shrine and foul play and coaches of question character will be excused as long as they contribute to the glory of the Shrine. OU football is their identity, is supported by all, and sold hard at all levels of the school.

    Texas fans are serious about their football but the state of Texas and the school administration does not see it’s worth and identity dependent on a football team. They appear to be reluctant to show too much emphasis on football vs other areas of the school, to include academics. A little too much political correctness maybe for us fans, but in all honesty probably the right thing to do. And it is and always will be hard to take when Okies rub our nose in it for their success in football and use that to promote what they think is their superiority over the sate of Texas. Small minds at play. But at play never the less.
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  20. baoklhorn

    baoklhorn 1,000+ Posts

    A lot of good facts Chinstrap..but I still want to beat OU ….allowing them to win that many Conference Titles and Heismans is unacceptable TO BAOKLHORN!
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  21. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 5,000+ Posts

    This is an example why the Heisman should not be awarded until ALL post-season games are completed.
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  22. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    In that case just rename it the Bowl/Playoff MVP Trophy.
  23. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    Chinstrap, this is an awesome makes me sad because until the Sooners get caught, they'll just keep winning.....
  24. SAMMCHornfan

    SAMMCHornfan 250+ Posts

    I argue Colt very easily could have had back to back Heisman’s if not for a dropped interception in 2008 and a dropped pass in the Big XII championship game which ended up making that game much closer than it should have been. Vince downfall was the Aggie game. Common denominator, all those games were toward the end of the year. Ricky’s bad game against KSU happened toward the beginning of the season. But, the Colorado game should have been more than enough for Vince to seal the deal.
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  25. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    1 dropped pass that ruined what would have been a 75 yard TD pass, and 2 interceptions on well-thrown passes that went right off the hands/numbers of the receiver.
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  26. SAMMCHornfan

    SAMMCHornfan 250+ Posts

    Poor Colt did get treated like a rag doll in that game by Suh. But, had the Horns not been able to have one second put back on the clock at the end, that would have definitely gone done as one of the all time bonehead plays in College football. Would have remined me of Chris Weber in the Final Four calling timeout at the end of the championship game with no timeouts left.
  27. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill 2,500+ Posts

    No real competitor would take an award they didn't win.

    I used this example in the past. 1989 Converse Judson lost in the state championhip to Dallas Carter, but because Carter was using ineligible players they were stripped on the state title. Judson was offered the state title by default and they turned it down. It was a unanimous vote by the players to turn it down. In their eyes, Carter won the game fair and square.

    Reggie won the trophy fair and square, just because he was doing some stuff on the side didn't take away what he did on the field. Vince understands this.
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  28. SAMMCHornfan

    SAMMCHornfan 250+ Posts

    I hear you, Bill. But it still doesn't take away from the fact that Vince had one of the greatest college football seasons of all time and was still denied the ultimate prize. After what Vince did in the Rose Bowl the previous year, he should have been the odds on favorite to win the award IMHO. The way the Horns destroyed Colorado in the Big XII championship game should have certainly sealed the deal. It sure worked for Sam Bradford even though he lost the Red River game to Colt. When I look back on that game, Colt's stats should have been sooo much more impressive for that game had Shipley's catch been ruled a touchdown and the one pass where the lineman dropped the pass in the end zone. Colt only had 1 touchdown pass that game but still had the same QBR as Bradford. Sure hard to let go of that 2008 season!
  29. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 2,500+ Posts

    Great. Cheating and winning is okay. Try that with someone front running your stock investments, or colluding to reduce the sales price of your home when you are selling it, or any number of other fraudulent acts used to screw people over. As long as they win, it's cool.
  30. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 1,000+ Posts

    Is why ou or lose....
    Someone took issue w me over this on another thread yesterday........which is fine, their prerogative.....
    ....but ou's recent run in no way diminishes their suckage.
    If anyone thinks so then they just aren't fully educated on the "why".
    By the way, the day I see a Texas truck with anti-ou bumper stickers all over it or a UT co-ed with an upside down ou tattoo on her arm I...may..change my mind.
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