Poll: is Roger35 for real??

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by NJlonghorn, Dec 3, 2013.

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  2. Mr. Deez

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    Kinda surprised to see you posting this poll.

    I vote #2.
  3. HornHuskerDad

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    I will hereby certify that I am not positing under the name of Roger35! [​IMG]

    It's a tossup between #2 and #3. There is also the possibility that Roger35 is the new screen name for a couple of equally obnoxious old posters - RyanUTAustin or Satchel. AustinBat mentioned this possibility at one time, and it may have some merit to it. Perhaps AustinBat can weigh in on this one.

    At any rate, Roger35 is always good for a laugh!

    HHD [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. texas_ex2000

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    I vote 3. Going to school up north, I've met plenty of people who's sensibilities (yes, I know this may be an oxymoron) and politics mirror that of our own Roger35. The demonization of "gun nuts," the he can do no wrong obamatons, that Obama is a brilliant strategist and executive for leading the UBL raid, but who's responsibility for the ACA failures are overstated...etc, etc. In some parts of the country, this is not uncommon at all. And if they feel they're amongst friends and comfortable, the really outrageous 35-esque craziness comes out pretty easily.
  5. Horndale

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    My guess would be #2.
  6. DFWAg

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    I think someone pointed out his rants against his employer in the Horn Network. That seems to indicate an actual person.

    I am a victim of Cronyism and Favoritism!

    and his work predicament seems in keeping with his online political persona.
  7. Larry T. Spider

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    4. Roger is SpiderAg back to mess with people.
  8. Seattle Husker

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    I vote #2 although #1 wouldn't surprise me.
  9. Clean

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    Survey says: #3 and it's not close.
  10. CedarParkFan

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  11. dillohorn

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    I vote 3 too.
  12. CanaTigers

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    #3 and sadly he isn't alone
  13. mcbrett

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    I vote none of the above. I'm a moderate- and I vote both Dem and Republican. Everyone in real life knows me as such. I debate Liberals and Conservatives, and I agree with Liberals and Conservatives.

    However, on HornFans WestMall I am mcbrett the Liberal. Take a deep breath here guys but I'm going to propose a novel idea- some of you aren't just Conservative, but you're very Conservative, you hang out with only fellow Conservatives and have little interaction with moderates or Liberals except by the grace of the internet, here on HornFans. Thus what in real life may be a Moderate or a Moderate Liberal- is here an insulting Liberal out to get you Conservatives by questioning your ideas, logic and rationale.

    Where I come from in my family, if someone questions your ideas, and your logic survives, that's a good thing. If someone questions your ideas and you can't offer a great explanation- perhaps it's time for you to reconsider something.

    Here on West Mall, when someone questions an idea, they are labeled a Liberal trouble maker.

    While I can't and don't review his every post- Roger35 is likely a guy with a different viewpoint that simply offends those uninterested in questioning their own views. Are there stupid people here? Plenty. People who argue with emotions rather than facts? Dozens! And are there people with 100% valid views and facts to back them up who are discredited simply because they don't agree with someone else? This thread is exhibit A.

    Carry on boys in the play lot. I'm going back to the Mack Brown drama on the big board.
  14. Roger35

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    Silly stupid cons. For all the bravado & hyper - steroidal attempts, y'all are a bunch of paranoid loons!

    I'll pull a mittens here-- I'll bet $10 that you cons are so scared of the ACA starting to work, and this is a lame, paranoid attempt at convincing yourselves otherwise. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Crockett

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    I think McBrett pretty much nailed it. Between stimulus and response, each of us have a brain. I don't remember Roger35 coming over here with a bunch of name-calling. Though once he was a repeated victim of it he's responded disrepectfully.

    I'd think if conservatives are confident in their logic and knowledge of the facts, Roger35 wouldn't get under your skin so much. His posts give you an opportunity to show your ideas to be better. Few people, and none on this board, come off looking good in an exchange of insults.

    I know history, logic, philosophy, etc. are "liberal" arts, but give them a try when you encounter ideas on this board you don't like.
  16. ProdigalHorn

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  17. Unques prist

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    "I don't remember Roger35 coming over here with a bunch of name-calling."

    Wow. Roger35 responds by calling names "Silly, stupid Cons.."
  18. LongJohn

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    If he poses true logic I will always consider. However, Rog appears, through his posts, to be an undying apologist for all things Obama even when they make no logical sense whatsoever. I would have the same criticism for someone treating Bush (or any Republican) the same way.
  19. Mr. Fiesta

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    It's hard to tell between 2 and 3 with his last post as a great example.
  20. dalhorn1

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    McBrett used to deploy a deflectionary tactic well, and it's high time it be used again now.. This thread needs to be derailed by a "what's for lunch" commentary. Please stop feeding the Rog35 toll.
    ...Sourdough turkey, greek yogurt and an apple at my desk. Living the good life... [​IMG]
  21. Roger35

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  22. AustinBat

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Satchel or Ryan. He finally went away under those names when he realized no one was paying the least attention to his rants and no one thought he had any brains. That's something you can't really hide.
  23. Mr. Deez

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    Crock and McBrett,

    Are there people on this board whose minds aren't open to having their ideology challenged? Yes. Is that unhealthy and arrogant? Yes. Would they likely be hostile to Roger no matter how he behaved simply because he's a liberal? Yes. By the way, I don't put all the conservatives on the board into this category. HornHuskerDad, Uninformed, texas_ex2000, Larry, and theiioftx definitely are not that way.

    However, that doesn't make the criticisms against Roger false. First, he's no more open to having his views challenged than anyone else. That mind is as shut as anybody's. Basically Barack Obama and the Democrats can do no wrong in his eyes, and that's just as goofy as people with whom he can do no right. In fact, to be honest, I'm not really sure that I really know Roger's ideology. He doesn't really give much an issues-driven argument in Obama's favor. It's mostly just cheerleading - kinda like listening to Aggie fans shrieking "TU sucks." They never really explain why "TU sucks."

    Second, he frequently resorts to ridicule, vitriol, and often, name calling. That is definitely part of his rap, and you'll see him throw juvenile ridicule at the Tea Party every chance he gets. Well, that's pretty much the activist conservative wing of the GOP, which is well-represented here. If you ridicule them, you may not ridicule me, but you ridicule a lot of people here. And if you do that repeatedly even when everyone already knows your views on them, you have to expect that they're going to give you a hard time. If you went into an LGBT message board and repeated referred to gay men as "bone-smuggling queers," you'd lose respect from the gays pretty fast. He basically approaches Tea Partiers with a comparable level of contempt and maturity.

    Finally, he will rarely engage an issue beyond the superficial. (I say rarely, because about twice a year, he'll make an exception.) That's not true of most of the liberals (like Pasotex, Michtex, Mesohorny, hornpharmd, etc.) and GOP-skeptic moderates (McBrett, Seattle Husker, and the guy who posted this poll in the first place, NJlonghorn) on this board. They may take strong positions here, but they aren't here primarily to mud-sling, so if they were getting ripped, I would come to their defense. For the most part, they'll all engage, and you'll notice that you don't see much of a defense from them on this.

    My personal view is that Roger enjoys coming here and mud slinging and doesn't really like in-depth discussion of issues. I don't know the guy, and he might be very philosophical guy in his real life. However, if he is, he doesn't show that side here very often. Instead, I think he gets a good laugh out of seeing majorwhiteaples, Horn6721, dilohorn, and AustinBat throw fits, and if they stopped and just ignored him (which I don't think they're capable of doing), he would likely leave.
  24. Crockett

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    I don't disagree with much you posted Deez. My memory is fallible and perhaps Roger35 has always used insults and name-calling, which I dislike no matter what provokes it. I still think that the name-calling was, until recently, rare on this board. I'm thankful for posters like you who tend to elevate rather than degrade the level of discussion.
  25. cmtsip

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    Love to watch ruffled feathers and Batgirl's frustration!
    ROCK ON, Roger!!!

  26. Bayerithe

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    Roger35 is no more than an amusement
    I for the most part do not attack r35 personally . I have not that I remember called him or anyone names.
    I will point out the misplaced adoration to failed policies. R35 and others continue to support.
    And I for sure will point out the lies and dangerous policies of that POS BO
  29. NJlonghorn

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  30. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    POS is no worse than what other presidents have been called.

    Regarding R35, he is the West Mall equivalent of another poster On The Field.

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