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Without Trump to kick around, the Left is having a problem finding new places to direct it's rabid psychopathy. So its back to trying to destroy football


I guess Epstein was too dead or Weinstein too busy to be in a birth control commercial aimed for teenagers for the super bowl.
Shut down Fla but open the borders - makes good sense to me. I mean more vote potential on the border.
Harrison said a dress that was in Southern style shouldn't be considered racist. I mean considers that racist? What kind of employer disciplines an employee for that kind of statement?
Every time I see stories like this I just can't even believe it's real. People who think the Daily Wire is just partisan right wing don't get it. This is literally what happened. There's nothing partisan about this article. This crap is really happening.

'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Steps Aside Over Accusations Of 'Perpetuating Racism' For Speaking Out Against Cancel Culture

So I clicked on this link, and this popped up.


And Switzer finds this smokin hot piece unattractive.

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