Predict Texas vs. Ok St (aka da Mullet)

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Duck Dodgers, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    I watched OSU against Iowa State on Saturday. They looked good.

    Fast, agile QB who shredded the defense several times for huge gains, including a TD if I remember correctly.

    Good running game.

    OSU looked good on defense as well.

    They, and their fans, will be fired up for it. Texas needs to bring not their best game so far, as that wouldn’t be near enough. They need to up their game quite a bit. Texas’ DL needs to (now don’t laugh) control the line of scrimmage, to prevent the run from setting up their pass. LB’s need to (now really don’t laugh) control the middle of the field and (ok you can stop now) keep their QB from making big runs up the run.

    On offense, Texas needs to protect Sam, who’s apparently banged up from constant sacks and hits. Don’t know what the sack and hit total was against Baylor – if it was more than 2 then the OL was a complete failure. Sam’s the only thing keeping this team from being 1-4 right now, and if he keeps getting sacked 4-6 times a game, well look at how that worked out for the first few seasons of the Houston Texans.

    Using history, which has been 100% right so far this year (2 conference wins by Texas against teams Herman has a winning record against, 2 conference losses against teams he has a losing record against), OSU should be a loss – 1-2 record by Herman against OSU.

    With that, I call a Texas loss.

    Score? Hard to say – I was thinking the Baylor game was going to be a shootout but was 6-3 till I think the 2nd quarter or later. That in mind, plus the 24-21 score of OSU’s last game makes me think more like the TCU game, with a lesser output by Texas. So:

    OSU – 34
    Texas 24

  2. NJlonghorn

    NJlonghorn 1,000+ Posts

    You never which version of this team is going to show up, so trying to predict a result is futile. I'll stick with my Koolaid.

    :ut: 53
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  3. rick mueller

    rick mueller Burnt Orange Bleeder

    I don't predict scores, too many variables. That said, I don't have a good feeling about this at all, especially with their salty defense. 9 starters are junior and seniors. If we can pull out a win I will be ecstatic. My prediction is a loss and I REALLY hope I'm wrong.
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  4. LonghornDave

    LonghornDave 1,000+ Posts

    Texas 24
    OSU 21
  5. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Uhh, that's not Kool aid, that's straight to the cyanide!

    Texas hasn't blown a B12 team out like that in years. Biggest win last year was a two TD win against a terrible Tech team.

    Hard to see Texas being able to do a lot of offense, while their QB should be able to gash (great word) the middle of the Texas defense for yards. But you never know, it's why they play the game.

    I think the last win at Stilwater was in 2015, the first year of the Charlie Strong Experience, and his only good win of that year.

    It's an important game, but not a must win like Baylor was. The expectation will be for Texas to lose, so a loss does not sink the program like a loss last week would have.

    Still, going 3-3 in conference probably dooms the second B12 game slot, and moves Herman to 1-3 against OSU, and an ugly 3-10 against the trio of schools he has issues with. Another fork in the road for the program - win, and B12 game back on track. Loss, and it's middle of the pack in year 4, with a senior QB.

    LHABSOB 500+ Posts

    They have beat us 4 of the last 5. Law of averages says we are due to put 2 in a row on them. I predict the team puts together their best all round effort of the year in TEXAS - 38 Okie Lite- 20.
  7. NJlonghorn

    NJlonghorn 1,000+ Posts

    For the record, my prediction of 6 for OSU is not based on 2 FGs, nor a TD with a failed conversion, nor 3 safeties. Instead, my prediction is based on a FG, a safety, and a defensive conversion safety. The fact that the defensive conversion safety has never happened at any level of college football does not mean it cannot happen.

    Hook 'em Horns!!
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  8. militaryhorn

    militaryhorn Cocky & Relaxed Like Dionysus

    This team just sucks and does not get up for any games no matter the importance.

    Texas - 23
    Team Mullets - 38
  9. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    And what is it? I vaguely remember Texas having a score that might have been one, but apparently was ruled something else if you say it didn't happen.

    Something related to a failed extra point, where the ball is downed by the defense in the end zone, for 1 point?
  10. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    The Real (Burnt) Orange 34
    Some other funky Orange color 31

    OSU pretty good but not as good as advertised.

    We will be giving our all as everyone knows what this game means

    Spencer Sanders has never scared me. We shut down Chuba last year and will be keying him again. Mullet always has a few blemishes. Our chances improve vastly if RJ can go IMO. We must run the ball well.

    I could see it going multiple ways but am betting on the team treating it like a bowl game and also hedging on a sense that this team may be rallying around all the adversity.
    Should be entertaining
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  11. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Bold. So far, Herman has only managed one win each (!) against that murders row of TCU / OU / OSU, with that record safe for the first two teams for this year. A loss here means after 4 years, only one win each against those 3 schools.

    LHABSOB 500+ Posts

    A loss here seals the coffin on TH for me. I know some have already sealed it and dug the hole.
  13. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    I would not count one of those no matter what anyone says
  14. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Didn't OSU have some scrub at QB last year, who fumbled up and down the field and was generally terrible? I only listened to the game on the radio last year, and just remember lots of issues for them on offense.

    Whoever they have now, either he's a different dude or got bit by a radioactive spider, cuz he was mighty good out there Saturday against a good ISU team. Can't count on OSU being one dimensional this year.
  15. TexasFight86

    TexasFight86 100+ Posts

    In Stillwater for Halloween, ugh, but Covid prevents a sellout crowd. On defense, we played well against one of the worst offenses (9th in B12) in Baylor. Really like Sam but he still misses open WRs at times and against OSU, gotta make every throw count. Who knows which offensive game plan shows up.
    If Sanders is 100% plus Chuba, I predict OSU 45-27
  16. Chop

    Chop 2,500+ Posts

    UT 35
    Ok. State 30
  17. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Most people picking Horns that's surprising!

    UT 28
    OSU 27
  18. txhorn_et

    txhorn_et 250+ Posts

    The Horns finally come out ready and play their best game of the season. Texas by 12. That was a tasty glass of kool-aid I just finished after watching the presser, but one has to keep the faith. Right?
  19. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Like all fan boards, this one is manic-depressive.

    After a loss: We'll lose out, the team is finished!
    After a win: We'll win out, the team is on a roll!

    Apparently, beating Baylor fired up a lot of folks, many of whom predicted Texas would lose to Baylor.

    Baylor is a bad team. OSU isn't. Herman has a winning record against Baylor, and a losing one against OSU. Would be quite the upset with a Texas win.
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  20. IvanDiabloHorn

    IvanDiabloHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Texas 38

    Okie State 35

    Texas wins in overtime.
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  21. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Texas 23
    Oklahoma State 31
  22. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    Geez. I keep driving nails in his coffin and you guys keep pulling 'em back out.

    Oklahoma aggy 51
    Sam the running back 17
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  23. MajorRules00

    MajorRules00 100+ Posts

    Texas 38
    OSU 31
  24. longhornlegend

    longhornlegend 100+ Posts

    OSU - 66
    Texas - 3

    About 40 flex opportunities for the unbelievable UT D. Come on man!!
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  25. El Sapo

    El Sapo Bevo's BFF

    I used to have a really good Jonestown joke but the punchline was too long. :idk:

    I’m actually going with the upset special on this one. i’m not gonna watch the game but I think Texas finally shows up and puts it all together for this one. Love Mike Gundy & only root against him one day a year but we can beat this team depending on which Texas shows up. It really doesn’t matter because I’m about equally convinced we will find a way to lose to West Virginia or Kansas or some other **** to atone for my predicted upset.
    Whatever. FML.

    Texas 38
    OSU 28
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  26. AC

    AC 1,000+ Posts

    41-34 in OT. Texas wins! Bijan Robinson starts at RB!
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  27. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad 10,000,000+ Posts

    The OAN t-shirt 35
    Texas 24
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  28. gahornphan

    gahornphan 500+ Posts

    Texas wins, 31-21
  29. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 2,500+ Posts

    I think anybody who picks Texas to beat OK state is definitely drinking spiked Kool-Aid and a lot of it.
    I wonder if OK state is favored by 12 or so. If it's less than that then it's time to open the vault.
    Texas 24
    OSU 38
  30. FWHORN

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Okie State 45
    Texas 27

    Nothing I saw in the Baylor game suggests to me that Texas will stay within two touchdowns of OSU.

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