PSU being sued..............

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Jan 15, 2020.

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    Say it ain't so, Joe
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    James Franklin not Ron.

    Ron is a great guy screwed over by ABC.

    James Franklin is former coach at Vanderbilt where a number of sexual assaults took place under his watch, before moving on to the Capitol of sexual perversion and assaults.
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    Nailed it! :yes:
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    Yes, I too really liked broadcaster Ron Fanklin back in the day...

    Trouble at State Penn, again?

    James Franklin should have put serious punishment on the perpetrators involved the moment he found out. Endless stadium steps, sprints, wheelbarrows, bear-crawls, etc., etc. until he was satisfied the players involved got the message.

    If James could not identify the players and the team cannot or will not identify the guilty, you punish the whole team - THAT would put a stop to the hazing BS.
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    It doesn't appear Penn State has learned any lessons at all. That place is way out of control. A real gridiron Gomorrah.
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    sorry I got the name all messed up. Ron Franklin was a great voice of the Longhorns and yes he was shafted by ABC!
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    Sounds like Sodom as well.
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    I needed an appropriate ‘G’ word to go with gridiron.

    I don’t know, bring out the resident theologians. I always thought those two ancient cities were more or less into the same sorts of things.
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    I believe your correct that they were. Either way. same or separate, the actual cities and their location has never been located or identified. Doesn't mean they weren't actual places or a single place, only means a positive ID has not been made as far as I know. According to the Bible, I believe your right. They were pretty much the same as far as the despicable acts that were going on there.
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    It’s about time for the Big 10 to give Penn State the boot.

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