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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    I mean, if the university handled the "others" differently than her, I think she has recourse. And from many different accounts, they sure seemed to handle the "others" differently than Kearney. I know a settlement technically isn't a win for her, but it is.
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    I hear ya Horns11. We don't know all the facts. But few cases are the same. Lawyers make a living distinguishing cases

    For example, I thought I read Major self reported his incident. That would warrant different handling imo

    I just find it all distasteful, that's all
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    I don't know that it matters but as I understand it, Major had a one night stand with an assistant.
    She had a two year affair with a student she coached.
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    Fenves protecting his friends

    The two cases had about as much in common as oil wells and turnip patches. Sex was involved in both cases; other than that, ridiculously different. Thus, the cesspool is allowed to go without a candy truck in sight.
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    Kearney's affair was more sordid than Major's. She was practically setting up house with her plaything... I wonder whatever happened to the girl. I bet Kearney has made out a lot better than her victim did.
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    "slept" lol, such a good euphemism
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    During these dog days of summer, this is a real good listen from the Houston Touchdown Club. It is the full speech, not just the Aggy game sound bite

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    Post Touchdown Club press conference

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    Dog days of summer 2.0
    This video is an hour eleven minutes, so good! Grab plenty of beer!
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    I think its 3 games on LHN this season

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    Speaking of pigs lol ... surely Bevo can beat a drunk pig in a fight!

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    And the door opens for Justin fields
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    Little national attention for Sammy Hag...I mean Breck Hager.
    I think some national attention is deserved, but my first thought was I believe Gary Johnson's game deserves that attention also. I do believe it is coming.
    My second thought was..I wonder if having the long hair helps get attention? The NFL has had a few good ones with that look...
    Sorry, slow day...at least so far...
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    I don't think it's Burnt Orange kool-aid or over optomistism.

    I think this D could surprise many how smart, fast, athletic and lethal a group they are... we will see. :hookem:
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    A national writer took some heat the other day by agreeing with Lincoln Riley on a point he was making about the difficulty in shutting down Big12 offenses. The reporter basically said Georgia's top 5 nationally defense wouldn't be top 5 nationally if they played in the Big12, though he thought they'd be #1 in the Big12. My first thought was, Ok...maybe...But I'm not so sure. Might still be UT.
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    Warning: Phil Steel has a long history of overrating us --

    10. Texas
    (Photo: Getty)
    Steele: "When I talked to head coach Tom Herman, he was very unhappy with the performance of 2017’s RBs and OL (Texas avg. 3.6 YPC). He has talent to work with and if he gets that turned around, he has a top-notch defense and two veteran QBs. Texas was much better than its 7-6 record last year and the Longhorns were in my ESPN Vegas Top 25 power ratings all year long. The Horns’ toughest road games are Kansas State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and they are my No. 2 surprise team (behind Florida).”

    247Sports take: We like Texas, too, and are picking the Longhorns to finish no worse than second in the Big 12 this season.

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    Uh Phil, it is a road game for ou also.
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    Funny, Phil Steele ranks us #10 nationally while a USA Today writer ranked UT #7 IN THE BIG 12.
    Looks like Big 12 will be one heck of a conference this season. Wonder who the "other" three teams will be??
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    "SEC, SEC, SEC"...
  24. easy

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    Number 7 in the big 12 is just disrespectful especially with the talent leaving some other places
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    Our defense should be nasty in year 2 under Orlando. Malcolm Roach called, said he wants his Big 12 recognition too

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    Every time I see that Breckyn Hager picture, I think he should be standing in a ripped up t-shirt holding a guitar while singing '80s metal covers.
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    Breckyn Hairgod
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    That was his uncle Sammy.
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    Dog days of summer ... the Mob

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