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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    I thought he would end up in the Big 12
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    I'm sure his former OC and now MD head coach Mike Locksley has little to nothing to do with it.
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    “Off-season begins now. U can prepare like u did for UGA or u can prepare like UGA did for u.”

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    Great quote by a GREAT Longhorn!
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    Hate to be the one to go against a Longhorn great but I don't like this. Sorry but this quote furthers the disrespectful media narrative that Georgia wasn't 'up' for us. We owned them all night and I believe it's because we had the better team. :hookem: I knew we were with them on the 2nd play of the game when the entire offensive line showed up to push our wide receiver for more yards in the scrum. I knew we had them when Sam Ehlinger ran play #8 on 4th down at the goal line.
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  8. horn_fan_cpa

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    Updated roster with all the juniors now having declared their intentions.

    The Texas roster matrix heading into 2019

    On the note of running backs, what is the latest around Kyle Porter? Is he going to transfer? Or did he redshirt last year with the idea he'd get more PT going forward after Watson was gone?
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  9. horn_fan_cpa

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    Also glaring to see how badly we whiffed on OL for two of the years on that roster.
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    Will cryler murray show up to the combine and let them measure his true height?
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  11. Joe Fan

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  12. Joe Fan

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  13. Joe Fan

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    Anwar Richardson of Orangebloods on plans for Jordan Whittington --

    The plan is to use Whittington as a hybrid offensive player, meaning he will play running back/slot receiver at Texas. The hope is by spreading Whittington all over the field, he will add an explosive dimension to Texas’ offense everyone within the building desperately desires.

    Basically, they intend to use Whittington similar to New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara and Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey.

    In fact, one person told me he would not be surprised if Whittington received 100 touches out of the backfield and 40 to 50 receiving targets. The hope is Whittington will make guys miss and compile more yards after contact than what previous running backs have produced the past two seasons.
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  14. Detective Shilala

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    Regarding Cameron Rising, it makes no sense! He is made for this offense. No offense to Shane who I like very much, but CR would probably be number 2 behind a heisman candidate next season. I would think that would be the ideal position. I know Sam is only going to be a Junior, but injuries, or the NFL can happen.
    Even if Sam stays for his senior year, Rising would have two years to take over an established O that is built for him.
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  15. horn_fan_cpa

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    I would think that Jake would fit a very similar role. Not sure Whittington can get that volume of touches with what will have on the field next year. Excited to see what the staff will do with all these weapons....
  16. horn_fan_cpa

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    Kids just don't want to wait around anymore. All these kids seem to think they should come in and start from day 1, regardless of the competition. No more "biding their time" and "paying their dues". Having Trevor Lawrence do what he did for Clemson only fuels that thinking, but that dude is a "DUDE". Very few like him around.
  17. horn_fan_cpa

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  18. WorsterMan

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    Yeah, NFL will get the truth.

    Me thinks Cryler is 5' 7" or 5' 8" MAX, but ou and he were asserting 5' 10" or 5' 11" IIRC.
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  19. SabreHorn

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    There is a possibility that Hurts winds up at TCU, although Locksley hired Alabama QB coach.

    That report out of Tulsa is really troublesome because that could mean Martell to Norman.
  20. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    That's not what Bucky said this morning on the Horn. He said Texas would need to redesign the offense to fit his game. I personally have no clue because I've never seen CR play. He also said that changing offenses to fit different qb styles is Herman's specialty and that he's really good at it. See Ohio State results.
  21. Joe Fan

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    Which makes his NFL dream seem a little crazy
    Still, if he can actually get himself into the 1st R, then the money difference almost demands he give it a go
  22. Joe Fan

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  23. Joe Fan

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    They might be starting the true freshman Rattler.*
    Plus an entire new OL
    But Rattler, unfortunately, is tailor-made for that offense

    *In case you dont follow recruiting, ou signed three 5-stars this class - QB Spencer Rattler and two WRs
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  24. Horns R Back

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    Could be a transfer in the mix too.
  25. Joe Fan

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    Here is what he said on local radio --

    “They want to use me in the backfield and also at receiver. A lot of the backfield stuff will be jet sweeps and just trying to get me the ball to the outside, but mainly I’ll play slot receiver and I think that’s where I’ll fit best. I’ll also have my opportunities on the outside on one-on-ones, so I think they want to use me in a lot of different ways. Also, in the return game, I forgot about that, so they see me as a versatile player and they want to use me that way.”

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  26. dukesteer

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    On Rising... I think the kid’s getting bad advice. He could very easily play and even start by 2020, if not 2019.


    1) Sam gets hurt. (God forbid.)

    2) Sam has a phenomenal season and either wins or is a finalist for the Heisman, creating pressure for him to look at the NFL. (He would probably stay but who knows.)

    3) Worst case, Rising wins the starting job in 2021, has a Top 5 supporting cast, and Texas is in the national conversation, which is very likely.

    I think he would be crazy to leave, but I’m not a dilusional 19 year old with idiots whispering in my ear.
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  27. Sangre Naranjada

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    I like Bucky, but I doubt his ability to analyze the Horns these days. He is all over the place, saying apparently random crap just to keep the airwaves occupied.
  28. Badass

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    Nice company with which to be associated already ...

  29. caryhorn

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    He is a Dude...But Trevor has great, really great receivers, esp Ross, who made unbelievable catches all season, including crunch time against BAMA, that put Clemson over the top.
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