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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    UCF adding beach to its football stadium, limes up!

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    Where the meth lab gonna be?
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    He sounds optimistic

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    Pure numbers, maybe. Quality, not so much. It sounds like Herman has definitely not been pleased with his DT group, and that he likely has only 2-3 that he thinks are ready to play (if that.) I think we're a little better off on the DE side.
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    When he arrived he was openly displeased with the DTs, but from what I remember he has been high on Ford since spring ball
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    Herman at presser:

    Said in first team meeting he asked how many had been on a winning team at UT?
    "Three players raised their hands."

    "I never really think about being an ambassador for the conference, I'm only an ambassador for Texas."

    "Losing has to be awful & you can never get used to losing. That's the biggest downfall of a lot of teams. You get used to losing."

    "We train for chaos. We put our guys through some excruciating drills this spring so that on Saturday winning will be easier."

    PJ Locke on Herman:

    "he has a way of just playing mind games with you. He's like a wizard."
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    Herman on Texas QB situation:

    "You asked about the depth behind Shane (Buechele) & Sam (Ehlinger), there isn't any."

    "You would still like to redshirt (Ehlinger) if you could."
    But freshman QB will get every chance to beat out Buechele.
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    OT Connor Williams said since Jan he's lost 19 lbs of body fat, gained 12 lbs of muscle and upped his bench, squat & cleans by 60 lbs.
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    some video of some of the above Herman quotes

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    We have heard this before -- check the dates


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    Buck Major has applied for a medical hardship.

    Rod Bernard is currently on medical scholarship (has "medically retired" from football)

    All other players roster are clear to participate -- 1st practice is july 31
    But transfer TE K Moore has not yet enrolled.
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    Dude has guns, that's for sure.
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    Some more about Daniels --

    Tom Herman sent a message loud and clear to his defensive linemen in March. Coming out of winter workouts, he wasn’t happy with what he saw, calling them “fat guys” in his first spring press conference.

    But it looks like that message worked, along with some help from strength coach Yancy McKnight. Defensive tackle Chris Daniels posted on social media this week that he’s down 35 pounds since the start of the spring.

    “Not even at my weight goal yet, but I’ve shredded 35 since spring,” Daniels tweeted. “I’m coming this season.”

    Daniels, a redshirt freshman out of Euless, was a part of Charlie Strong’s 2016 class. He didn't see any action last season, but due to some attrition, he’s set to play more of a prominent role under Texas season.

    His weight loss currently puts him just under 300 pounds (he was listed at 330 this spring), which is closer to where Herman and defensive line coach Oscar Giles would like their players to be.

    Daniels, however, isn’t the only one McKnight has made strides with this spring and summer. Offensive lineman-turned-defensive lineman Tope Imade, who made the move this summer, is down to right around 300 pounds as well and down to 23 percent body fat, according to 247Sports’ Jeff Howe.

    On top of that, offensive lineman Connor Williams dropped 19 pounds and 12 pounds of muscle since the winter, he told reporters at Big 12 Media Days this week.

    That’s probably why Herman called McKnight his “soulmate” coach earlier this year. But it’s safe to say fans will probably see a much different-looking Texas team come the season opener on Sept. 2."

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    Marcel Southall ended up at Tyler JC
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    i really like gary johnson so far (the last 7 months). i hope he does well.
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    I am with you X Misn TX, I hope he does "Big 12 Newcomer of the Year" well! :coolnana:
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    He's running out of things to complain about.
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    With all due respect Rich, we really don't give a rat's *** what "umbrage" you take with what TH says about anything.

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