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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 1, 2017.

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    What in the wide world of sports is going on here?

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    Supporting the disadvantaged
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    Nice ranking

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    Miller has taken his two summer school finals and is waiting for the results to see if he gets the necessary core GPA boost. If so, he is in. Paysites say he is optimistic and upbeat. The hard cutoff for incoming freshman is the second week of the Fall Semester but we should know by end of August.
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    WOW! The Chairman of the NCAA COI is the AD at that perennial football dynasty and National Championship contender Xavier. Sure glad Herman doesn't have them on our schedule.

    I know that both Ole Miss and Miss State are dirty, just as SMU was dirty, but get these ******** schools out of the regulation and playing judge and jury on a matter about which they are clueless.

    Judge and jury? How about one school from each P5 conference? Well, the ACC list needs to trimmed to a few relevant schools, or at least one South of Charlottesville.
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    The whole thing is just really sad.
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    SEC! SEC! We have 25 percent of the conference giving ONE kid bags of money. I hope this is isolated. If not, it can get ugly quick. It's like steroids in cycling ... if all the top competitors are doing it - and for the most part getting away with it short term -- it puts you in a quandary about whether you choose to stay clean or stay competitive.
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    Blame it on the blind luck of the federal government. Homeland Security has taken away many of the creative delivery systems. Gone are the days of airplane ticket refunds - see VT and FSU among others.. Tom Osborne pretty much screwed up the insurance policy gigs.

    Little did we know that Ron Morris was way before his time when he walked into Belmont with a list of what other schools (SMU, Baylor, A&M, OU, oSu, Colorado, Nebraska, Ohio State, USC, ND, et al) were giving him and asked Akers what he was willing to "bid". These kids today are that brazen.

    Everyone talks about the TransAm the Aggies bought Eric Dickerson, but nobody talks about the "custom" luggage SMU put in the back of it.

    Urban Meyer continues to find new ways to pay, as does Jimbo Fisher, among others. As long as there are street agents, there will be new ways to deliver payoffs.

    One of the great things about Fred Akers is when he beat Barry (5-2 the first seven years), SMU, A&M, Auburn while all of those were leading in innovative ways to cheat.
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    Boys from Lufkin :hookem:

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    Kids from Angelina County were down 5-0 after three innings, but scored 2 in the fourth, 2 in the fifth, and 2 in the sixth to win. Congratulations to those kids, their families, and especially to Bud.

    Somewhere, Charlie Wilson lit up a cigar and is smiling. :texasflag:
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    The NCAA sent a private investigator to my office at the bank because someone erroneously told them that if anyone knew I would. He showed me his PI "credentials" - whee, I am underwhelmed!

    What a clown show. This guy thinks he's part CIA and part FBI. I laughed at him, belittled him, and asked him for his subpoena. Then I told him we might "talk over lunch", but then again, I would never be seen in public with someone like him, much less soil my hands by shaking his.

    They were investigating a used car being driven by a Baylor RB. I called Grant and told him about it, then called the kids grandfather, whom I did not know. Turned out that the grandfather had purchased a used car for every one of his grandchildren when they were accepted to college. The NCAA wasted months investigating and who knows how much money trying to pin a used Buick on Baylor while certain schools had over 50 "free rides" on their team and Osborne was passing out insurance annuities like Colorado was passing out hookers.

    If you ever get a chance, ask Jerry Gray about his BMW. That may be the single most investigated car in NCAA history.
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    I was in my senior year of my second undergrad at UT, civil engineering, one course was professional engineering management taught by Prof. J. Neils Thompson.

    As we were assembling to take our seats, there was a lot of rumbling about Akers' future --- it was much discussed in the press and on campus. As Prof. Thompson got to the lecturn a student shouted out: "Is Akers going to be fired?"

    To help understand why I took his words as gospel in response tho this question (found way below the following info), a mini bio of J. Neils Thompson, that is snippets of this legend's history:

    - played on the 1934 UT football team that went by train up to South Bend to beat the Irish 7-6:


    "The game ended the way it stood in the first quarter, 7-6, and Texas had administered the first Notre Dame home opener loss since 1896. The big win drew a lot of respect from the Eastern press."

    - earned BS and MS degrees in civil engineering at UT Austin, never did the PhD, but as faculty member and engineering researcher founded the Balcones Research Center --- the area around Austin was rich in limestone formations that could substitute as a source for shall water Gulf Coast supplies of magnesium --- the U.S. military was concerned about Nazi U-boats cavorting around in the shallow Texas waters and so funded this effort. The Balcones Research Center, IMHO, is THE seminal institution in Austin that has ultimately led to Austin being a world-renowed high tech mecca it is today.

    - UT rep to the Southwest Conference; SWC President

    - NCAA President

    - member, chairman of UT Athletics council

    - he conceptualized the design for the Memorial Stadium "upper deck" (west) to expand Memorial Stadium in the 70s.

    - President of the National Society for Professional Engineers

    - testified before the U.S. Supreme Court as an expert witness on professional ethics.

    So, when Prof. Thompson said the following, to the best of my recollection, while standing erect with his index finger pointing skyward as if providing testimony under oath, I believed it then, and believe it to this day:

    "You've all heard the rumors, I won't comment on if they are true or not. There are some terrible things going on in football today; things are far out of control. But let me say this, I believe Coach Akers is an honest man, a good coach, and runs an honest program. I believe that as long as Coach Akers is head coach at The University of Texas that this program will not be faced with severe punishment or probation due to recruiting wrongs, violation, or cheating."

    Something like that. Of course about 3 weeks later Akers was fired and replaced after an "extensive nationwide search" that found David McWilliams in his 2nd year after leaving UT, formerly player, assistant coach under both Royal and Akers, at Tceh as head coach, having turned them around in one year from loser to a bowl game team.

    IMHO, this hire, nothing against McWilliams, a very fine man himself, was the "salve" of DKR's resentment for Frank Erwin overriding DKR's choice (as AD) of Mike Campbell, instead getting the BofRs to approve Fred Akers to succeed DKR.
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    I'm really not understanding Martin's point there - which maybe signals that he's pretty messed up. Is he saying he's a coward? Is he saying the other two guys are cowards and were also bully victims? Did he misspeak? This doesn't make a lot of sense, unless I'm missing something.
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    Regardless of his past, Kelly deserves our prayers. It’s just devastating to see how cancer can ravage an individual. So sad.
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    Cancer is a *****, F cancer.
    Anyone fighting that **** deserves some good vibes.
    Its hard on the family too. Watching it and not being able to do anything about it
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    It just sucks. I’ve lost two brothers in law (by marriage) to it, one in January. Both were in their mid 50s. I guess we’re making progress against the disease, but it’s way too slow.
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    He was fired today. Political correctness seeps into a Parochial college.

    He was wrong for treating the kid that way, but correct in his assessment of Colorado, a state that is fiscally and morally bankrupt, says the guy offered a $150 million contract only to have the state call and say they only had $65,000 appropriated to pay the contract.
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    The reason he is so successful is that he is not recruiting per se, he is
    proud of his school and is spreading the word. You can’t hire that away LSU
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    I can’t stand political correctness but I also have little tolerance for stupidity or tone deafness, both of which were clearly on display in the letter:

    "In the past, players have had trouble passing our drug test. We have made a decision to not take a chance on student-athletes from your state. You can thank your liberal politicians. Best of luck wherever you decide to play."
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    I guess that means he will never coach in Travis County :beertoast:
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