Rangers @ White Sox Game 1

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by sblazer, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. sblazer

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    0-0 top 2nd.

    is the game on in austin? i have 3 ******* channels with the astros game on!!! i jsut got U-Verse installed by AT&T. my dish network seemed to ALWAYS have the rangers game on no matter than the circumstance. it better not be like this all the time with U-Verse or i'll be mother ******* pissed.

    even the FSSW-Dallas channel is showing the astros game. i assume the game is on KDFI My 27 tonight. still dish network always played those games.
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    Channel 77 in Austin.
  3. sblazer

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    well that's just basic TW cable.

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    Hurley was a late scratch? I guess his hamstring still isnt healed. ****
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    in 2nd place for first time since I don't know when.

    2 homers and finally one run as a result of a rally. Josh, HB and Salty with the rbi's. Great start for Feldman; shutout innings for Francisco, Eddie and Wright.

    Go Rangers and Wash and F' Ozzie!


  6. Dewbrewer

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    Good deal....glad to see the bats come to life. Let's get this thing rolling again like in May. It's going to be tough with a pitching staff held together with duct tape but it's been fun to watch so far.
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    Nice 6-1 victory this eve over the soxs. Poor A's have lost what, 6 in a row and the stRangers take over 2nd place in the AL West [​IMG]
  9. HornHuskerDad

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  10. Uncle Rico

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    A couple of notes:

    Scooter Feldman might have something. He's not going to be the next Walter Johnson but he could be a solid #4. If anyone's watched his games he is usually really good the first time through the lineup then gets drilled after 5 IP. He has great movement and isn't afraid to go inside and out. The one HR he gave up wasn't a bad pitch at all

    F Francisco...wow. Sometimes that guy has such great stuff it isn't fair. When he gets his offspeed over that 95mph fastball is untouchable.

    J Wright has been one of the best surprises of the year. He punched out the side in order last night to close the game out. He has nasty stuff and his only problem is sometimes he can get too much movement.

    I still think Blalock sucks but want him to hit HRs so we can trade him.
  11. WorsterMan

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    Unky Rico - your right, we need a dependable and solid #4 in the rotation and Feldman may be that guy. Hell we need a guy like that anywhere in the rotation! He looked pretty sharp last night. If the Rangers have any chance of a wild-card run they are going to have to have some solid pitching from newcomers like Feldman, Harrison & Hurley cause batting will not get them there. Of course we need Padilla and Millwood to stay healthy, pitch well and win some games. I agree Wright has been a very pleasant surprise... he has to keep closing the door when the Rangers have late inning leads.

    HHD - we need you to keep up the recent good mojo you are providing the stRangers... no more prisoners and no more Mr. Nice Guy. Good pitching, hot bats, solid fielding.... and just win baby, win!
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