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    I, for one, never like to see a game determined by a call in the final seconds, but in the NCState game they made the right call - Holmes was in place in plenty of time to take the charge. That said, someone needs to get a grip on referees in the women's game...

    52 Fouls. That's 1.3 calls for every minute played. That is complete BS. It slows the game, disrupts the excitement, and is an insult to female athletes who should be given the same opportunity to play all out like their male counterparts.

    And the consistency from one game to the next is a joke. Let the women play. Let the game evolve to catch up with the athletes currently capable of taking the women's game to the next level.

    The only thing good I can say about the refs today was that they called it evenly - 25 against Texas and 27 against NC State. But 52 fouls in a single game is obscene.
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    Some things never change. I've watched WBB for 40 yrs and the refs and their inconsistencies are the most undesirable thing about the game. i don't see it getting any better. They can see a doodlebug but miss an elephant. JC and HS is just deplorable at times. They seem to get very wrapped up in the flow of the game and whatever they start calling/noticing that's about all they see throughout the game. For instance if they start calling 3 second violations your apt have 5 or 6 more called. However you may not see another one called for the next 6 games or so. Traveling same way. Once they call a couple of quick travels, then everybody starts traveling. And today it was fowls. Fowls flying all over the place. Way too many fowls. Bird season opened up today evidently.

    As to the Holmes flop/charge call I've notice at least three different boards declaring that NCST got ripped on that call. I've watched it on ESPN replay about 5 times in a row. I'd say it was slightly suspect and could have gone either way depending of course on which kookie ref is on the call. But after watching it in slow motion over and over I can't argue with it. I'd guess at least 90% of the time that's the way it would be called. TX won fair and square.
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    Well the NCAA better do something if they expect people to keep watching and continue their revenue stream. Games like this make it almost unwatchable and if it had been any team but Texas I would have turned the TV off.
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    The officiating today was deplorable both ways. From where I was sitting - right on the midcourt line 8th row - I had a pretty good view. Both teams were the victims of the HORRIBLE officiating. When the out of bounds call was overturned in front of the NC State bench, both female refs watched the monitor in slow motion repeatedly... They BOTH said to one another "I can't tell, so white ball" meaning that the original call stands due to lack of undisputable proof otherwise. The male ref then came over and somehow... without having watched the replay himself... convinced them to change the call. That's just ONE example... Trust me, BOTH teams got screwed numerous times. As far as the offensive foul near the end against NC State... Finally the right call was made. Screw Lobo - she's an idiot.
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    I don't always feel this way but during TODAY'S game, I felt like every single time the whistle blew the chances of a good call were very slim. Felt that way the whole game. It was like dangling from a cliff the whole time. I had no faith in this crew.
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    Seriously. A whistle + for every single minute of the game? 52 total fouls? We were in a suite and the television was a few seconds behind live action. With every whistle we simply turned to the TV to get a second look. It was shocking how many times the whistle was either silly or flat out not right. And it went both ways. It was embarrassing for the sport. Every time the refs "huddled" to discuss something they looked like complete morons. If you have to discuss a call for nearly two minutes then clearly you don't have indisputable evidence to reverse a call (Brooke's touch). If two players go up at the same time and collide while both actually get a piece of the ball, then you don't have a flagrant foul (Sutton). The charge call with Holmes could have gone either way, but they had been calling charges all night long so why change in the final minutes.

    I can't believe the powers -that-be can't address this. Aggressive play does not equal illegal play.
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    A lady in NC State fan wear walked into the Red River entrance as we were about to go up the escalator. She had a friendly face so I gave her a welcoming smile. She came up to me and said, "I just want you to know that I'm FROM Texas." My response was "I just want you to know that NC State is my favorite "other" WBB team.. I loved Kay Yow and I'm so glad they've gotten this guy, I think he's and EXCELLENT coach and I thought so when he was at Chattanooga.". She thanked me then told me that he was her brother. "We were raised in Dallas and he's a HUGE Longhorns, Rangers, and Cowboys fan." Then his wife came up and my friends and I chatted with them quite a bit (VERY nice people) then wished one another well and went on inside. As fate would have it, they ended up sitting at the end of our row across the aisle...about 5 seats away. After the game I said to them I'm just so sorry that the officiating was so horrible for both sides. They and the other fans around them were very appreciative of the gesture and we all agreed bth teams were hindered by all the whistles. Glad we pulled this one out in spite of it all.
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    Refs in the men's game is just as bad if not worse, so stop complaining....

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    Says the person who complains about everything :rolleyes1:
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    It's a time honored tradition
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    The coach for NC State was a former member of my church.....First Baptist Carrollton. I watched him with special interest to see his demeaner. I was very impressed with his coaching ability, his passion for his team, and other. His post game comments were classy. He obviously has a very bright future. Apparently his family is all good per the encounter brnkj described. Hope his team does well in the future.

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    Sadly the NC State player's post game comments were less classy. I was glad to see he didn't take their lead when asked the same questions. I can't imagine a Texas player blaming the refs - Mulkey and Baylor players yes - but not Texas.
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    I agree... the players weren't very good sports. Complaining about the officials is not classy, especially when your team was the beneficiary of calls which bailed offensive players out when they drove to the basket out of control flailing their bodies into the defense. I don't like a call that bails out an out-of-control offensive player.
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    Texas vs NC State - 52 total fouls

    Other games

    Baylor vs Cal - 27 fouls
    Louisville vs Tenn - 38 fouls
    Oregon vs Duke - 29 fouls
    OU vs Wash - 34 fouls
    Aggy vs UCLA - 22 fouls
    KState vs Stanford - 27 fouls
    Syracuse vs Conn - 24 fouls

    We were almost double the average (28) fouls per game and despite the close game, there was only one or two intentional fouls at the end. It was maddening to watch. More whistles than a construction site across the street from a wh**e house.
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    Good work Nut!
    Good grief..
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    You're using facts to prove a point ?? How refreshing!!
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    In the Connecticut/Syracuse game, the refs let them play and the flow of the game was quite enjoyable. There were numerous bumps and touches that would have been called in the Texas/NC State game, but the refs let the action go on. Apparently we got the most foul happy crew in the tournament.
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    If its a foul in the first qtr, it should be a foul in the last few seconds......Its BS to NOT call a foul just because the game is nearly offer.
    In reference to the charge call....IT WAS A CHARGE...Holmes had position outside the arc, and the ball-handler went through her.....She fell like every player does to draw the charge....Ref did his job properly.
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    Exactly - an OU guard (I think Gabbi Ortiz) drove into the lane last night and bumped into Osahor. Osahor went down like she'd been hit by an OU linebacker. Osahor is much more substantial than Joyner but we keep hearing about Joyner flopping because of when it occurred.

    I kind of like the fact it's getting so much attention - hopefully opposing guards in the future are a little less assertive when driving the lane, afraid of a repeat performance.
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    I just don't know that I am buying the notion that this is a "womens game" issue rather than a "cbb" issue. Looked at the men's second round games and they were in the high 20's & 30's as well. Far be it for me to stand up and defend the officials, but it just don't see this exclusively as a WBB problem

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    I would argue that the men push the envelope much more than the women. But it could very easily be a perception thing. That said, our game was outrageous but at least evenly outrageous at both ends.
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    Absolutely!... and, regardless of your size or that of the person who charges into you, if you don't fall not.only do you NOT get the call but you may be at risk of having it BOGUSLY called on you.
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    I also watched the charge about 20 times..I hope Lobo does too, because THAT was a clear charge if there ever was one. Holmes's feet were planted flat, arms straight up and the offensive player's left knee went up high and directly into Holmes's hip.. it was not even a close call!
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