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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Apr 7, 2018.

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    I do not recall her getting "bashed" by others, but am sad to hear she felt that way about some Texas very sorry as others are that she is leaving...yeah, that "what if" haunts me too..thought we had an all-American player here...wish her well...
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    Correct - it was negative against the staff. I personally feel they could have done more with Rellah.

    I didn't realize the 2nd time Rellah was gone, it was for a suspension. I thought it was for "personal reasons." Where did you see that it was a 2nd suspension?

    I'm sure Rellah will be happy closer to home. I wish her well and hope she achieves what she is set out to accomplish.
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    Emotions are high, obviously:

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    Maybe I'm missing part of the story but I don't understand Rellah's response to Cantu. Cantu only used the information from her Tweet in his article. As much as I like Rellah, she needs to take a break from social media. At this point, her responses are only keeping the chatter alive.
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    Texas isn't for everyone.
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    skilled - It was reported in the paper that she was missing from the NCAA tournament due to a second suspension. When you make statements like "they could have done more," what do you base that on? Are you on staff, or a part of the program? Were you mentoring her, or with the team on a daily basis? You are making statements based on absolutely nothing other than a personal agenda. You've made very general statements about the program and staff that were readily shown to be false. And you are taking an unfortunate situation involving a student athlete who is clearly dealing with some issues, and attempting to draw inappropriate correlations to a set of made up scenarios.

    I can't figure out what Rellah's issue with the Cantu write-up is. It seems like he just repeated, word-for-word, what she had posted herself. Perhaps she is having second thoughts about what she said, but that isn't the fault of any reporter. As has been noted, she was a top 5 recruit that experienced a difficult first year, and subsequently made a big change. That is news and is going to be reported on, in both local and national media outlets. There is going to be discussion on various forums, though I agree with those who say they haven't seen any evidence of so-called "bashing." Then again I'm not on Twitter and so can't see any comments she might have received there. But she is still posting, and social media is a two-way street. As far as speculation about academic issues, I don't think anyone has ever called her stupid, though perhaps in her current frame of mind that is how she interpreted those comments. But there are many very smart student who have struggled academically, for a variety of reasons, whether or not that is an accurate representation of her situation.

    To be honest, most of the posts I've seen have commented on how well liked Rellah was, and have been complimentary of her abilities, and wished her well in the future. I have seen much harsher criticism on forums when players have transferred, or decommitted from other programs. I have actually been amazed in recent years at some of the things fans have posted about active players on teams across the country. I've always believed there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed, but perhaps that is world we live in these days.

    I will say that Rellah is with a new team, and her current support group should be offering some measure of guidance with respect to her recent activity. She can't control what others say and do, or what is commented on in the media and elsewhere, but she can control how she reacts to it. For those of us who would like to see her succeed going forward, she isn't doing herself any favors with her postings, and how those might be viewed by other top programs. She seemed to offer a myriad of reasons for her departure, most of which seemed to contradict the others. The one thing missing was any degree of personal accountability for what transpired.

    Clearly, she is particularly sensitive right now; perhaps it would be a good idea for her to take a step back from social media, at least temporarily. Many others have shut down their accounts for a while, and stopped reading news reports and message boards. If you don't tweet you won't receive any responses. But if you put yourself out there, you can't blame others for doing the same. That's my take, anyway.
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    I don't take any exception with Rellah's comments. Reinforces what I already knew, no matter how talented you are, if you don't do things "the Texas way" then you wont play. Every elite program in the country has that standard. If we don't establish that culture then we can never expect to be among that elite class.

    That being said, there is certainly a lot that could be said for why she didn't do things the Texas way. Her personal issues certainly seem like issues that would have adverse effects on anyone, especially a college freshman! I was pleased to hear that the coaching staff was patient with her and attempted to help her through those issues, even giving her the option to step away and return in a year. Not sure how some are interpreting that as a negative reflection on the staff.
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    It seems every school has had a player or two transfer out - even highly regarded players (Rella Boothe, Elena Delle Donne, Beatrice Mompremier, Jatarie White, Alexis Jones, etc...). I don't see any of these as an indictment of either the program or the athlete.

    I get a little heartburn when transfer rules are not consistently applied, but that is another topic.
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    People speculating in public forums that she was having academic issues, failing classes, etc. is a form of bashing. Those questions should remain inside peopel's heads, not posted where they start rumors and are hurtful to a young woman.
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    Sorry, but "speculating" is NOT "bashing".

    If you don't want someone to speculate as to why you are kept out of Fall scrimmages, don't dress for games, get suspended, or are absent in the post-season for personal reasons, do what you are supposed to do to avoid those issues.

    There have been more tweet interchanges between Rellah and Rick Cantu, but I won't bother posting them here. All I can say is I don't understand why Rellah is so upset with Rick when she is the one who tweeted her personal issues, and he summarized them in his article. If you don't want folks to comment on your business, don't post it publicly for the world to see; replies come with the territory.
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    I have to agree 100% with Moooooo. I don't think it's accurate, or fair to refer to speculation as bashing, in particular when most Texas fans (that I'm aware of) have been complimentary when it comes to Rellah. Speculation happens everywhere. I understand that Rellah may not like that, and I am sorry she is going through such a difficult time. She is even challenging a member of the media who simply quoted her own statements, without offering additional commentary or opinion as to what was stated. These were her own words that she chose to post on social media for the whole world to see. I recall some of the comments made by Husky fans when Charli decommitted from UCONN, and I haven't seen anything posted about Rellah that comes close to some of those statements. There were even unflattering things posted about Rellah on the same board at the point she made some rather brash statements prior to her time at Texas. I found those posts inappropriate since her swagger and confidence were among the things I liked most about her, and given that she was still a HS student at that point. But that's what happens when you're in the public eye, and it's going to be more of an issue when you're out there making statements and posting yourself. As stated previously, I would think her new team, and support group would be offering more guidance on her social media activity as clearly she is having a hard time dealing with the recent changes in her life.
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    Rellah may not realize it, but every Texas fan I know absolutely loved her, most were as frustrated as her about her playing time, and all hope things go well for her in Florida.
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    Agree w/ that..I never saw any of that, and that is poor form on fans' part, in my opinion. I did see a few behaviors on her part that I was a bit taken aback by, but her talent was just so awesome, I thought "hey, sometimes with great talent comes a bit of quirkiness"..just feel sad the staff could not somehow help her through all of it..
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