Reparations----a swell idea whose time has come

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by huisache, Apr 7, 2019.

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    If my math is correct, that equates to $129 per known descendant, which obviously decreases every year as new descendants are born. And you know there will be lawsuits for people claiming to be descendants.
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    The student at Georgetown is a descendant of one of the slaves.

    I wonder if he or anyone realizes how much is being proposed.

    Might get more money asking for people to donate to fund.
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    I'd love to see how their parents that are paying the tuition would have voted. I'd also love to see how many of the 'yeah' votes were cast by people that are already receiving significant amounts of assistance from the government themselves.
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    So I've been pondering this Georgetown reparations issue, and it's pretty absurd. My understanding is that the university sold some slaves for money back in the 19th century. There is a pitch for compensation for extremely distant descendants of those slaves. I think that's counterproductive and sets a terrible precedent, but ok, fair enough. So does the university write out a check to these descendants or something along those lines? No, it (with the consent of the dumbass students) imposes a dedicated fee on the students to compensate the descendents.

    So in other words the reparations are being paid by people who had nothing to do with the slaves (some of whom are descendents of slaves themselves) while the institution that actually did have something to do with and even profited off the slaves gets off scott-free but gets to virtue signal about it as though they did some wonderful thing. If that doesn't epitomize phony left-wing justice, I'm not sure what would.
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    And I'm going to guess the university keeps a portion of that money for "administration fees" and the people only see a small amount of the sum collected.
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    ...what if the slaves were sold at a loss? Do the descendants owe the University money because their ancestors did not hold their value?

    And while we are at it, can the US government do something about getting reparations from Mexico for the two silver mines my great grandfather owned in Oaxaca that were nationalized and given to a couple of generals because my great grandpa was a foreigner and the generals needed to be rewarded for their part in that period of plunder? AMLO created a stir recently for asking the Spaniards to apologize for their sins (such as ending cannibalism and human sacrifice) and so I would think he might be receptive to making amends to us poor gringos. And my German relatives did not show up over here until slightly after that glorious war that liberated the southwest from the DF kleptocracy.
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    And this is what's so silly about this issue and the general idea of reparations for centuries-old wrongs or acts that we perceive as wrongs based modern woke values. It leads to injustices, albeit injustices the the Left doesn't care about.

    And the demand for apology from Spain illustrates a fraudulent overriding assumption (or delusion) of the woke. They assume that Whitey (meaning ethnic Western Europeans) has been unique in the idea of fighting to acquire land and natural resources and in exploiting weaker people with things like slavery. They weren't and aren't. Global history is dominated with peoples and tribes doing these sorts of things since the beginning. The Native Americans, Asians, and Africans weren't monoliths that lived in peace and respected human rights until Whitey showed up. They consisted of tribes that frequently fought each other over land and resources and often with extreme brutality. Did that make them inherently bad? No, it made them normal.

    What IS unique about Whitey is introspection and accepting some concept of universal human rights and values. The fact that we ever gave a crap about even trying to make things right for people who aren't like us is unusual. That should be celebrated as a matter of great pride rather than diminished as cheap and woefully inadequate.
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    Clearly you haven't been through a U.S. high school curriculum in the last 20 years. :D
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    the fact that Deez does not acknowledge the universally known fact that the native peoples were all a bunch of Zen Environmentalists who lived with each other in perpetual harmony is all the evidence right thinking people need to show he is a bigot of the worst (white) kind.:yippee:
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