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    I haven't studied her as closely as you, but I just think people have different styles. I agree with Run Pincher and hoopsalot that it is easy to be wrong in making assumptions about personality and relationships just from watching the bench from the stands. Because she doesn't chat with her players when they come out or high five them (I don't see many coaches doing that) doesn't mean they don't have a good relationship. Some people are smilers and some aren't. Karen smiles a good bit in pressers. She looks like really serious during games. Her serious look does often look like a frown, I guess. To me, it is just concentration. I don't remember Jody smiling a lot during the middle of games, but she smiles a lot in other interactions. What am I saying? I guess just that, unless we have more substantial information from either practice or some real inside information, it is risky to make assumptions from sideline behavior.
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    I really like all the comments. Who knows which ones are right or wrong. First impressions are important, as are next impressions, last impressions, body language, smiles, frowns, etc. in business as well as girls basketball. People are always being judged by those things so I will offer they are important and should be factored in on any decision or judgment. Perhaps most prefer the energetic, optimistic, engaging, charismatic, etc. coach. Not doing that doesn't mean lack of future success. Guess when things are going poorly, the serious/subdued/frowning characteristics are easier to pounce on. Aston and Carey for sure fall into the second category. I seem to remember that all, if not most all half-time interviews seem negative from Aston. That might just be the norm for hard to please coaches. Perhaps she is just getting ready to discuss things needing to get better for the second half. I prefer the first category. Can live with the second.
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    There's no risk, and no assumption. Nobody said she didn't have a good relationship with her players -- at least I didn't. What I said was I don't care for the negative energy that she exudes. I don't care for how she dismisses her players to the bench. That's my observation and I stand by it.
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    We all see and hear what we want to.
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    Yes we do... and some of us can't seem to decide one way or another.
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    Yep, because I can name a handful of coaches off the top of my head that look and act just like Coach Aston on the sidelines on game days Dawn Staley and Vivian Stringer come to mind. Which is why I will continue to focus on the x’s and o’s.
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    Yes, both of them do have the same (or similar) demeanor as Karen.

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