Romo Surgery (Plate will be installed in collarbone area)

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by bystander, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. bystander

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    Owner, GM and Team Doctor, Dr. Jerry Jones said the following back in Dec about the likelihood of Romo having a plate surgically implanted (from the article in the link):

    "No, he will not unless something occurs that hasn't occurred, he will not have a plate," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday morning. "He will heal naturally. It's the way to go."

    Earlier Dr. Jones, a top bone specialist and as shrewd a football man as their ever was, indicated the Cowboys did not rush Romo back from his initial injury.
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  2. Brad Austin

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    "Sources" are saying he intends to do so. Here's what Romo said yesterday...

    Tony Romo said he intends to undergo a CT scan this week to determine whether he’ll require any kind of surgery on his injured collarbone.

    “We have a pretty good idea, but we’re going to get a CT scan here this coming week and then make all the choices from there,” Romo said. “I think we know which way we’re siding and some of the things. We’ve had exhaustive discussions about it.”

    “We’re going to have a good plan. If we have to put a plate in there, something small, we’ll do that,” Romo said on 1310 AM The Ticket. “That should ensure that that doesn’t happen, or the percentage of that goes way, way down.”

    I say turn that collarbone and all other frail parts into RoboCop...whatever keeps him from shattering like a Faberge egg anytime someone lands on top of him.

    Agreed, Ole Jer should give the moronic medical predictions a rest. A day after Dez had foot surgery this season, Dr. JJ declared he'd begin light conditioning in 3-4 weeks. :rolleyes1:
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  3. ProdigalHorn

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    Any chance they could steel plate the whole bone?
  4. Brad Austin

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    This is the Tony I'd like to see after surgery...RomoCop :smile1:
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  5. Statalyzer

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    RomoCop. :D

    Dallas needs a quality backup in case Romo doesn't last the season again. There's a guy riding the bench in Washington who they should go after. And no, it's not Robert Griffin...
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  6. easy

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    Draft Goff and have him ready by week 4 Romo will have retired by then
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  7. hornpharmd

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    He had a decent career. Next man up.
  8. HornHuskerDad

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    If Jerrah seriously thinks Romo is good for another 3-5 years, I want to make him a terrific deal on some prime oceanfront property in Oklahoma...

    The Cowboys should have drafted Romo's future replacement two years ago so he could have held the clipboard and learned about the NFL. Too late now - count on two or three more subpar seasons before the Cowboys can be contenders again.
  9. ViperHorn

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    Jerrah is selling the team in two or three years?
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  10. Brad Austin

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    Please. :rolleyes1: Dallas was a contender in 2014 and finished 12-4. No well-informed football fan would deny multiple injuries to several key starters wiped out another NFC East title.

    With the core returning healthy, added high draft picks, and more free agent pieces, this team will easily enter 2016 as the NFC East favorite.

    Feel free to check the Vegas odds come August if in denial about that. It's pathetic how much Cowboys hate clouds legitimate analysis of the team's players.
  11. Seattle Husker

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    Is "NFC East favorite" saying much?
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  12. ProdigalHorn

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    I read Jerry saying that getting a quarterback in the draft wasn't a priority because "we have Tony". I'd say this was idiocy beyond the pale but it seems like a lot of NFL teams feel this way now - when we want a QB, we'll just spend a first-round draft pick to get him and expect him to start immediately. Otherwise we'll patch it up with free agents.

    I get that you don't want to pay first-round money for a bench warmer, but you need to pick up a promising guy that you think can help in two or three years and start developing him. It seems like teams think their starter's ego is too fragile to tolerate the idea of picking up a young QB with an actual future, as opposed to a guy who's clearly going to be around two or three years at max and whom no one sees as a long-term solution.
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  13. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Who was the last team that spent $$ on a 1st round QB and had them sit for a few years? Green Bay is the last team that comes to mind and Rodgers was taken at the end of the 1st round but he had Brett Favre in front of him. Looking at the starting QBs for 2015 virtually all of them started Day 1 or midway through their 1st season.

    Looking further back Tom Brady may be the last QB to sit awhile and learn behind Bledsoe. So, clearly there is some benefit to sitting behind a "superstar". What teams can afford that though? Assume they sit for 3 years. 1st round contracts are 5 years and 2nd and on can be 4 years. You essentially get the benefit of that contract for 1-2 years before a big payday is required.

    Scrolling through the top 25 QBs this year the others that sat on the bench for a few years would be Flaaco, Tyrod Taylor, and Andy Dalton (did he sit behind Carson Palmer). Combined with the 2 superstars above that's a very small % of QBs that sat and waited.

    One thing you have to ask yourself too, are you a playoff team right now. Only Bill Bellicheck is comfortable with not having a more established QB backing up their superstar.
  14. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    And I think the 2008 season where the Pats went 11-5 with Matt Cassell shows that Belichick's trust in his system and supporting cast probably validated his decision to not feel the need for an established QB. Don't know if that would work for most other teams.
  15. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I feel like Dalton started his first year at some point - I know it was earlier than people expected, anyway. I think Palmer just got hurt or something and Dalton ended up having to play as either a rookie or second year guy. But he certainly wasn't a guy they were planning on dropping into the fire in year 1.

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