Rowing 3rd in NCAAs

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    well, since rowing is water related and this is the closest forum to it, although I was looking for maybe a Misc. forum:
    Congrats to the rowing team which placed third in the NCAAs. :hookem2:That's a lot of hard work they put in to do so well.
    Finishing 3rd in I Eight:
    Texas Crew: Ashley Jacobs (coxswain), Ljiljana Josic (stroke), Milica Slijepcevic, Fanny Bon, Mariam Soufi, Aspa Christadoulidis, Alexandra Watson, Emily Froehlich, Sara Neaves

    Finishing 5th in II Eight:
    Texas Crew: Kay Murphy (coxswain), Claudia Destefani (stroke), Margaret Dail, Becca Gehring, Sarah Cadman, Alexa McAuliffe, Merilynn Finley, Katelyn Bouthillette, Rachel Fleming

    Finishing 4th in Four:
    Texas Crew: Shannon Barry (coxswain), Allyson Hite, Blair Bartholomew, Courtney Crossley, Alice Bowyer
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