Rumor Gundy to LSU

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by man00, Nov 28, 2021.

  1. DCW

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    What other options does LSU have at the moment? Coaches are signing else where quickly
  2. Hillcityhorn

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    Here's some truth, he is 3-14 vs zeroU. Also, he's not at Texas and am very pleased that he isn't or will ever be at Texas. Hook 'em!
  3. militaryhorn

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    Just came across my ESPN app
  4. William Bush

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    No longer a rumor.
  5. dukesteer

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    Woodward promised a “splash hire” at LSU. That’s a very short list and I probably wouldn’t put Gundy on it. Unless it’s an NFL HC (and not Joe Brady…would that be a splash?), I can only imagine - if Riley is gone — Bob Stoops, Fisher (splash?), or Meyer, Saban or Sweeney. Of those, I could see Stoops or Fisher.
  6. txhorn_et

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    Wasn’t attempting to be funny.
    The guy has earned everything and he stuck it out at Oklahoma state when others might have bolted.
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  7. LousianaHorn

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  8. txhorn_et

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    Where will OU turn to now? Stoops?
  9. txhorn_et

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    Not Bob, but Kentucky stoops. Guess anything is possible.
    Will OU lose recruits now?
    Some will probably not sign in the early period and wait to see who they hire.
  10. wadster

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    They have 8 Texas kids in this current class. We need to get 2-3 of them.
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  11. SabreHorn

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    Don't think Mark is a big enough splash for OU.

    Castiglione's job rides on the right hire. Not flashy enough, the school president is gone.
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  12. wadster

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    When's the last time you had 3 power house programs all looking for coaches at the same time and with Riley to USC that essentially makes 4.
  13. Leland_R

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    Bob's been named interim HC through the bowl game at least. Wouldn't be a surprise for him to stay permanently. That in itself would be a splash hire and provide an SEC experienced HC since he came up originally from being Spurrier's DC at Florida.
  14. ViperHorn

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    Someone send him Herman's number quickly!
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  15. Driver 8

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    Just don't want to meet him in a bowl game
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