Saban on 60 minutes tonight

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by mcbrett, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. mcbrett

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    PSA. Looks like a good piece.
  2. l00p

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    Will they talk about his probations and infractions he's incurred everywhere he's been in the NCAA? I doubt it. Yet it's such a key factor as to his success.
  3. Hu_Fan

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    I think the segment is over by now here in Austin(Central Time). CBS posts replays of the segments, so will catch it there, as I missed it by 1/2 an hour.

    13:46 segment, running now

    Nick Saban on CBS 60 Minutes, Video
  4. texas_ex2000

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    The Lamborghini segment was good.
  5. tejas77

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    Just watched it here in Austin. I sure would love to see him here!
  6. l00p

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  7. old65horn

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    No way he leaves Alabama, sorry.
  8. Third Coast

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    As I've stated on more than one occasion, I'm pretty ambivalent about Saban coming to Texas. There are several coaches that I would rather see here, but I wouldn't readily dismiss the possibility of him being a legitimate candidate.

    Texas will probably talk to him and he may be just be intrigued enough by the thought of winning three titles at three different schools to give it serious consideration.
  9. moondog_LFZ

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    I'm not sure I could watch a game if I had to look at him on the sidelines.
  10. l00p

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    I guess probation and the things he does in order to win does not bother people. I suggest rooting for the Aggies, the Crimson Tide or other notorious and prolific cheating programs.
  11. tejas77

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    My turn [​IMG]
  12. mcbrett

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    He may be the same age as Mack, but everything else is different. You could see the player development differences even from the eyes of a 60 Minutes Reporter- this wasn't exactly a Yahoo Sports expose.
  13. l00p

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    Sure tejas but mine was based on fact, verified by truth. Yours is daydreaming in a world that does not exist. That is unless cheating is not an issue for you for a team you wish to support in your own way. If that's the case there are some ready built programs already around that would suit that mentality, or lack thereof.

    Facts v. nonfacts. Super duper simple. Supersonic! Sorry to go all JJ Fad on you.
  14. Squall

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    Its not nice for you to make up things about your next football coach l00p!!!
  15. l00p

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