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    copied from Billy Dale's FB page.........

    Joe Nobis drowned while swimming near Mansfield Dam in 1968. Tommy Nobis was his older brother, and Joe was a member of the 1967 football recruiting class at UT Austin. If he had survived Joe would have contributed to two national football championships.
    It was a very sad day in the History of Longhorn sports when Coach Royal took the team in two busses to San Antonio for the funeral.
    I Found This Poem By Katherin Pestrikoff That Reflects The Thoughts Of Many Of Us his teammates. While Joe did not have a twin brother, He did have An Older Brother.
    He Was Young And So Full Of Life.
    The Most Popular Guy In School He Was Called,
    Leaving A Life Unlived And A Family In Strife,
    Such A Tragedy Was Bestowed Upon Us All.
    How Could Anyone Even Fathom The Family's Pain,
    The Weeping Parents, And Devastated Twin Brother.
    At His Memorial, We Could All Feel His Spirit Remain,
    And His Existence Continues In The Eyes Of His Mother.
    A Life That In So Many Ways Was Just Beginning,
    With So Many Dreams, Hopes, And Aspirations Unnamed.
    Another Game Of Football He Planned On Winning,
    Now He Must Play On Another Field, Another Game.
    Horns Up
    Joe, Freddie Steinmark, and Danny Lester were all members of the 1967 recruiting class who were lost too soon, and I miss them all.

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    I did not know this either. thank you for posting

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