Sam Ehlinger hasn't gotten any better since his sophomore year

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by AustinHorn24, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. das3603

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    Sam also doesnt have Collin Johnson and LJH anymore. Sam has never been the most accurate deep ball passer but Collin Johnson was amazing at grabbing balls over DB's in a jump ball type situation. LJH always seemed to be open and was a reliable target for Sam. Not piling on Sam. He's been a good qb for us and is a fine young man, but he benefitted earlier in his career from outstanding receiver play. Our current receivers have talent, but none of them has shown to be a consistent game changer. Flashes of brilliance but no one who has been a reliable go to guy.
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  2. majorfan2005

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    Sam is a very good QB for us. He is a tough runner. He is accurate enough to succeed. He can throw deep to open receivers. I don’t care if he has improved since his sophomore year as long as he is coached right. I think the coaches have allowed him to forgo throwing the ball away which has led to sacks. I also think they have favored west coast game planning instead of putting the defense on their heels every drive.
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    If we think we have to have better passing for the team to be better and Sam is the main thing holding us back, just look 2 hours northeast at how A&M has managed to be in the top 10 with Mond throwing passes for them.

    Sure, but if they are trying to explain why the landing was ****** and what the pilot specifically did wrong....
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    Kind of interesting - Peter Gardere and Sam Ehlinger have the same record as starters 25-16 (0.610)
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    What are their records against OU?

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  6. LonghornCatholic

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  7. horninchicago

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    LC, you must have been finishing your morning Rosary and missed JF's post. All is forgiven. :fiestanana:
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    Plus Peter the Great married a gymnast
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    St Cicilia novena, actually :hookem:
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    I am so looking forward to next season when we will have a new coach and a new QB.
    But I am not mad at Sam I think he's done the best that he could possibly do with his limitations and with the mediocre offensive line.
    If it's Urban Meyer or another coach he better recruit his tail off, especially the offensive line...... I know, duh.
    We need elite level recruiting and I think UM can accomplish that.
    The QB situation will be both interesting and exciting. Who will emerge as the starter? I am sure all the QBs will get a good look if we have the normal practice time.
  11. Ajo Macho

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    Sam is somewhere between good and great, but nowhere near elite. We were all hoping he'd make it there by now.
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    Eagles is every bit as good as Collin, if not better, he just needs more balls thrown his way. He, too, knows how to go up and get the ball. Moore proved himself also but seemed to be in the doghouse last three or four games. I miss DUVERNAY more than any other receiver. He had glue on his hands, speed and power--the perfect receiver who was under-utilized. My all time favorite receiver at UT. Smith, though he has not lived up to expectations yet, is adequate and has potential.
    I think our present receivers can flourish if they have a better passing quarterback, IMO. We just need to add in a burner who can stretch the field.
  13. OUBubba

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    As a rival I can tell you that Ehlinger is scary. He wills his teams to wins. He lacks accuracy at times but almost never do you have a great passer combined with a great runner, especially with an effective fullback playing QB. He's also an uncompromising leader. He's up there with Colt and Applewhite in my book. He may be more personally "clutch" in my book.
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  14. nashhorn

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    Love ya Poms but I think Collins overshadows Eagles thus far. Only problem Collins had was he wasn’t looked for enough. I can tell you from watching that he was open many many times but Sam went elsewhere or got sacked or scrambled.
    I agree on Duv, in fact I believe with Duv and LJH we would have rocked this year, big time. It’s up to coaching to get the most with what you’ve got.
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  15. StructureDude

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    It kinda hurts me to watch Sam play sometimes. Dude is a Longhorn through and through with orange blood to the core. I sometimes wonder if it doesn't make him try too hard though, and he ends up missing pretty easy out routes and other throws. I also wonder if he hasn't sustained a lingering injury to his arm/shoulder. He puts it all on the line though, gotta have respect for that.
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  16. AC

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    I love his heart, he’s a courageous QB! Not as talented as VY but nobody else ever has been either! VY is the Longhorn gold standard. Sam will always be one of my favorite Longhorn QB’s.
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