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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by hornpharmd, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. hornpharmd

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    Anybody know how many available scholarships we have for 2016 class?

    We have only taken 9 so far so I am thinking this must be a small class. Was surprised to see that when the coaches went out recruiting last week that they got 2 for the 2017 class but nothing for the 2016 class. Lots of holes to fill on the DL. And gotta think we need to start getting at least 3 on the OL each year going forward so we don't have depth issues in the future.
  2. Horns11

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    It all depends on attrition. Without a single player leaving (lack of playing time, kicked off, etc.), we have 18 open. 19 if Dalton Santos plans to leave when he graduates instead of getting an extra year.
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  3. mchammer

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    You also have the DT from Dallas who may be gone due to lingering injuries and DB Evans (since he is a senior, I assume he is counted as gone).
  4. eastexhorn

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    Have read somewhere that Evans plans on tring another year. There is Clarington at TE can he qualify? Mabe around 20 ships open in a few months things should clear up.
  5. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    Wow possibly 20 spots and Strong has only got verbals from 10 so far.....oh wait now it is back down to 9....must have lost someone.

    Only 3 four stars in there as well. I know Coach Strong likes to recruit all the way to signing day and can finish with a big push but this is vastly different than last year where we just added a handful of guys down the stretch. 2 of the guys we added last year decided they didn't want to stick around once they made it to campus so makes you wonder how much guys really want to play for UT when they wait until the very end too.

    Somebody explain to me that the glass is half full.
  6. longhorn47

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    Optimist: Glass is half full
    Pessimist: Glass is half empty
    Engineer: Glass is too big
    Neo: There is no glass
  7. OldHippie

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    The glass is half full. Does that help?
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  8. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    Nope and based on the lack of replies I don't think anybody else has reason to believe the glass is half full. 3 pledges added in the last week or so but not highly ranked. Based on the film I have seen on other threads here they look like guys with high motors and potential so hope this type of recruiting pays off for Coach Strong.
  9. 22Horn

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    seems to me that it's an indicator that they either don't want to play for Texas (lack of success) or for Strong (his system or what I see as a lack of confidence)...
  10. HornSwoggler

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    I do not get too hyped about recruits anymore. I am glad we have a glass and it has some water in it. It seems to me that Charlie and Wickline have done well in the past developing non-top-tier players. It would be nice seeing some of that again here at UT.... and soon.
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  11. hornpharmd

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    That would be nice. I was just thinking about how many NFL players and long-term NFL players that Coach Brown had recruited and developed while here and that made our teams so very good from 2005-2009. Some of those guys were lower ranked recruits but many were highly ranked recruits. I am looking at Rivals rankings and it has been pointed out to me that these rankings may not be that accurate. But when I see us get a highly ranked guy in Jefferson last year and see how good he is on the field this year it makes me want more highly ranked guys like him. I am not getting as excited to see 8 three stars out of the 12 verbals so far.

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