School will Aggy now dedicate their fight song to?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by biganakhanhda, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. biganakhanhda

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    **** 'em, let them leave. If true, who will they be obsessed with and change their fight song to honor now?

  2. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I say they do a fill in the blank type of thing like you used to get in elementary school. This way it can change week to week to fit their opponent.
  3. 1leggedduck

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    Isn't it obvious? MSU. You know, the Bulldogs. It will be a battle of the ******* for 3rd place in the SEC west, and a trip to a real nice bowl, somewhere.
  4. aggressor

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    Uh, last I checked the Texas fight song was "Texas fight, Texas fight, and it's goodbye to A&M!" I also thought your mascot was named after A&M branded it after the last time you ended the rivalry because we were beating you too often and we beat you anyways 13-0.

    So the better question is, what will your new fight song be and what is the new name for Bevo? Or how about we just continue the 3rd longest rivalry in college football that greatly benefits both universities and the great State of Texas?
  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    agg, as you leave the conference it's perfectly fitting to have one line that say's goodbye. You however will look like a bunch of dumbasses to your SEC daddy's while you sing an entire fight song dedicated to a team you don't even play.
  6. PropositionJoe

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    i'm pushing our war hymn to be changed to the first 40 or so seconds of this song followed by the SEC SEC SEC chant.
  7. stanhin

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  8. aggressor

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    Oh, I almost forgot. Your hand symbol was created in response to ours as well. What's the new Hook'em?
  9. jmatt

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  10. aggressor

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    You need to look up your history a bit my friend. Texas ended the rivalry between 1912 and 1915 largely because A&M had beaten them the 3 prior years ('09-12). When the game was renewed in '15 is when we beat you again 13-0. Of course when you finally managed a win a few inspired Aggies branded your mascot.
  11. GabeRocksSocks

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    You need to brush up on YOUR history. The rivalry was ended by presidential decree, and Texas is actually the one who got it started up again. As a show of gratitude, your own faggy band marched in a Block T on your own field at half time.
  12. ProdigalHorn

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  13. Hook 'Em Danno

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  14. nwking

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    Both fight songs should've been changed years ago. Mentioning another school specifically is and has been outdated for decades. Regardless of any future match ups I've always wanted Texas Fight to be "goodbye to all the rest".
  15. HI_McDunnough

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    Aggressor wants to have his cake and eat it too. There are consequences for leaving the conference, you know, the one aggy pledged to stay in for 10 more years less than a year ago.

    The aTm vs. Texas game is a conference game and if you leave the conference you longer get the benefit of playing Texas. OU is Texas' main rival and always will be. In fact, if you look at the overall record between aTm and Texas, it does not even meet the definition of a rivalry. Aggy has been owned by Texas historically. Aggy has a POOR overall record in the Big 12 and will fare much worse in the SEC.

    Aggy's delusion has no bounds.
  16. 84 Horn

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    the ags branded the animal after a loss

    the series was discontinued because the ags were using paid players not college students

    ags have always hated being on the losing end of the series and are now leaving

    current losses at 75
  17. orngblud

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  18. aggressor

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    Yes there was a Presidential decree but it came after A&M had beaten you 3 times in a row. Students on both sides were getting really riled up so they ended it.

    Maybe you haven't noticed but A&M has also been doing a Block T with the band at virtually every game (occasionally they do the Block ATM) forever and it isn't because we want to express our gratitude to Texas. In fact our hats and logos used to just be a maroon background with a Block T in white, just look at anything prior to 1960 and it typically has that logo. I suppose there are always two sides to every tale. Bevo is an interesting one because both Aggies and Longhorns take pride in the naming.

    The greater point however is that Bevo derives its name because Aggies branded your mascot.
  19. 84 Horn

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    the point is they branded the animal after a loss

    and the decree went down because it was no longer a "college" game due to ringers for the ags
  20. LonghornCatholic

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    We are friends with an Aggy couple who throw out the orange M&M's.
    We are friends with another Aggy couple who won't eat at Whataburger.
    We are friends with another couple who won't use our swimming pool slide because I have a painted Bevo on it.

    The only time i think of maroon and Aggy, is when I see Aggy wearing maroon.
    When I see maroon candy, restaurant, car etc, Aggy no how enters my thought process.
    When we beat Aggy I don't go get my inspection sticker to match the score.

    Fellas, our minds are not like their mind. The penis envy is deep in their DNA. Fifty or a hundred years in the SEC won't change that.
    Most are good people, but like my friends, they just can not help themselves.
    So, let them go and keep thinking they are putting one over on varsity (heehee).
  21. BigEarlinBastrop

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    What about bonfire? I know it's unofficial and off campus, but true ags live this tradition. Maybe Loftin secretly viewed this move as opportunity to finally dismantle bonfire.
  22. RomaVicta

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    The Aggie who can maintain that a single line in one song is the equivalent of an entire song and dance routine is the perfect demonstration of the weirdness that has a firm foothold at A&M. The strange claim about their incredibly original "hand signal" (WE INVENTED THUMBS UP!!!) is likewise idiotic.

    I'm careful not to say "typical Aggie" because that is just the mirror image of one of those morons saying "typical sip" whenever they find an isolated case of Longhorn idiocy.

    Prop Joe, I hope you still come around here after your team changes conferences. The other two guys, not so much.

    Regurgitation of oddball rationalizations learned at Fish Camp and from a "tradition" of lying about your own history should be kept to yourselves or your collectives.

    It's a pity you pissed into a pretty fun rivalry. Now go ahead to the SEC who will, no doubt, be in awe of your traditions. Maybe in a few years, you will be able to do something as a university without linking it to some aspect of the University. That's a tradition you will be well rid of.
  23. cloydtex

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    Gag 'em, Iggies...
  24. cnstoll58

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    Good-bye to L S University
    So long to the Yellow and the Whatever
    "Hey, Fightin’ Tigers..."
    That is the song they sing so well
    So good-bye to Louisiana University
    We're going to beat you all to--

    Saw Tiger's tail off!
    Saw Tiger's tail off!
    Saw Tiger's tail off!

  25. Statalyzer

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  26. SectionThree

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    They should find a way to incorporate BaaBaa Black Sheep into their song. After all,
    it is already incorporated into their lives, their dorm love affairs, etc.
    Then they could work on Mary had a little lamb, but change it to Marvin had her.
    He often does. And since they are 'backing' into the SEC, rears exposed for the
    Ramming that is coming, it all fits.
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    In reply to:

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    goodbye to aggy university.... [​IMG]

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