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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. stanhin

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  2. Sheldon Cooper

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    Also counted 6 from Oklahoma.

    Hopefully losing 8 guys will mean that aggy will be taking a step back next year. From the looks of things they might be pretty stacked, especially on defense.

    Oklahoma is very stacked so beating them next year will be a big task to pull off.

    All I'm really hoping for is for one or two of our guys to break into the first round. Only hope of that is Ossai and Cosmi.
  3. Horns11

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    Cosmi, Eagles, Ehlinger, Graham, Ossai, Sterns.

    I think all of them have shots to get drafted. If Eagles can put up some measurables at the Combine, someone will take a chance on him late. If he runs a 4.8 or something, then probably not.

    I still think it'll go down like this:
    2nd round - Cosmi
    3rd/4th round - Ossai and Sterns
    7th round - Graham and Ehlinger
    UFA - Eagles, Chris Brown
  4. mb227

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    I suspect Sterns is going to drop with his recent social media activity. Few teams want that sort of cancer in their locker room, and even the liberal markets are starting to realize that molly-coddling a malcontent is not in the best interest of the franchise.
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  5. beijinghorn1

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    I suspect this could also hurt Eagles. I am actually starting to think that only Cosmi and Ossai get drafted.
  6. mb227

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    I think Sam gets drafted by someone who contemplates using him like a Taysom Hill...he has the size to potentially play TE and definitely is not afraid to run up the gut. Alternately, someone could pick him to use in a Colt-like fashion- mostly a clipboard carrier but someone competent that you can trot out in a pinch and who is not going to demand huge sums of money for filling that role.
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  7. Horns11

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    Yeah, someone will take Sam for the story alone. It'll be late, but it'll still count. He'll probably be given some courtesy "you're in the mix to be a backup" nod when he's really a distant third stringer.

    I think Graham might surprise people with his measurables at the Combine, and that's why he'll get taken. He'll go in there at 300 lbs and run a 4.9 and those who need a 6th DT will take a flyer on him.

    I'm worried that Ossai will go the way of Jeffcoat once he's in the league. Not big enough to be a DE, not fast enough to be an OLB, gets contained too easily on run downs. If the Draft was the day after the OK State game, he would have been a top-15 pick. There's way too much tape on him from other games though.

    Regarding Sterns, I don't think the recent comments play much into an NFL team's need for a safety. The position has been lagging a bit in recent years, and he presents a decent option.
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  8. Vino Bevo

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    Tend to agree with you on all counts but Sterns. I just wonder about his size equating to the NFL.
  9. Horns11

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    He'll be a centerfielder in the league. He's not a Kam Chancellor and wouldn't be drafted for that kind of rover role. He's more of a Brandon Jones... who got drafted pretty early and had some mild rookie success last year.
  10. theiioftx

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    I see Sterns in 7th round. He has done nothing on the field since is freshman year and was a drama queen off the field.
  11. moondog_LFZ

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    The NFL is filled with drama queens.
    If you can help win games they don't give a ****.
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  12. theiioftx

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    True. My point is that Sterns did nothing to help the Horns win games after his freshman year.
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  13. SabreHorn

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    Why would any team, with its draft in hand, risk bringing a cancer in with the 7th round pick? Invitation to destruction.
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  14. dukesteer

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    Agree completely, but the answer is simple, as you know. Because the NFL is filled with idiot GMs and know-it-all owners, like the guy in Dallas. But frankly, I won’t be surprised if Sterns isn’t drafted. He was great for 6 games in his freshman year, then mediocre to nonexistent after.

    If he doesn’t get drafted he’ll make a fortune on Planet Kapernick, working with Nike.
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  15. iatrogenic

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    Good, because I told him he wasn't getting a job in Texas!

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