Season Ticket Holders: 2020-21 Season

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by texexted, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. texexted

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    I spoke to the Longhorn Foundation. They are currently working on seat assignments for season ticket holders and we should be notified today or this weekend. Season tickets will be distributed electronically - the same as football.
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  2. racerx5908

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    Got my email today:
    Same section
    Same seat numbers
    Moved up 16 rows from "regular" season
  3. STHAustin

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    I was moved up 6 rows. I'm glad to be in the same section.
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  4. DFW_Horn

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  5. racerx5908

    racerx5908 1,000+ Posts

    The interesting thing was that they were "banding" seats in the upper deck. I know WBB ticket holders won't be enough to push up to there, so I'm sure it's for the MBB.

    Side note, our old season ticket seatmates (pre-Covid) were going to give up their seats because they were moving to Borne and drive up I-35 for games was going to be too much. They just realized that they can't purchase single game tickets year because of the restricted/banding of seats and the enforced social distancing.

    The only thing that will be annoying is that people will move down to get better seats once they've figured out the season ticket holders won't be at that game (happens in volleyball). But at least they can't pull up a seat behind you and cough on you. In volleyball they're screaming in support of the team with their masks off....about 5 rows behind us.
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  6. texexted

    texexted 500+ Posts

    I got mine. Moved up 20 rows and over a section. Sad we can't sit in our same seats for last season at the FEC - but excited to witness the beginning of a new era.
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  7. racerx5908

    racerx5908 1,000+ Posts

    The weird thing is the parking pass. It's listed as an electronic ticket, but how do I show it to the folks checking for parking passes?

    Anyone buy a parking pass that can explain?
  8. STHAustin

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    I was expecting the parking passes to be electronic, but I got them in the mail. Trinity garage.
  9. cynt

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    Bummed they're not selling individual tickets. I'll be rooting them on from my living room! Hookem Horns!

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