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    OK let me start by apologizing for my ignorance to the whole ticket process/loyalty points etc. Here is a little background- I split tickets for about 10 years with my sister who was the LHF member in Sec 108, chairback row 5 until she let me know on the day of renewal for the 2005 season that she wasn't going to be able to renew the donation level but I just give her the money to pay for it if I wanted. Well I wasn't prepared to do so with no notice; so we let our tix lapse (the story of my life- let our tickets go during our Natl Champ season). Since then I have actually gotten pretty good deals for entire seasons on ebay in north end zone from other season tickets sellers but with there was no record of my name on the donations nor opportunities for red river or bowl games. This season with my kids now older (every weekend not tied up with youth sports, etc) and with the expectation that chawlee would take us back to the promised land, I jumped in and got 4 in section 14 with a great aisle seat. Well with the renewal hitting the inbox this week, I have some questions. First let me share that my wife has said she wants to hear the band better (yes I am an LHB alum and that would be nice but football first).

    Looking to either move over to Sec 17 (same donation level) or move to Sec 2 or 7 (increase of what appears to me to be $375/seat- $75 more for tix and $300 more for donation??)
    • Anyone sit in 2/7/17 and have feedback on those sections?
    • Anyone have an opinion on how well you can hear the band from these sections?
    • If I want to move to 2/7 do I increase the donation level now before March 2 or wait until the seat selection in May?
    • Finally how the hell does parking work? Will I be purple check for the rest of my life or do I have to give a left youknowwhat to get a better spot?
    Thanks for the help and feedback. Also would love to see the Hornfans tailgates come back like the good ole days but that is another story for another time.
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    I would advise you to get 7 over 2. Nobody can hear the band as long as the jumbotron is blaring commercials and public service spots by Bellmont's Blonde Bimbo and the Percy Miller wannabe midget. My advice is to get as far away from the jumbotron as possible, unless we can get enough pressure on Bellmont to return Memorial Stadium into a fan friendly enjoyable site instead of a minor league baseball wannabe. MESSAGE TO MIKE - WE AIN"T THAT HARD UP FOR CASH!
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    Are you a member of the Longhorn Foundation?

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    Yes and last year when I joined I had a great premium sales consultant that walked me through the process. Don't know if this year because I am already in the pond or because of the change in the Ticket Office with Aspire Group booted but when I called earlier this morning I definitely didn't feel the love I did last year when I was fresh meat.
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    We've been in Sec. 7 for several decades and like it. With the band's move back to our end of the field it's easier to hear them. If your donation levels go up to get into Sec. 7, your parking priority should move up also.
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    Wait, you have section 14 with Terrace club and the donation is only $75/ seat? Is that right?
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    You got love from the ticket office last year, all my experiences were awful I just renewed online this year to save myself the frustration. Anywho I'm in sec 14 also I would think sitting in 13 corner end zone would give you a better view of the entire field and still keep the band fairly close since they moved backed to the endzone. I feel your pain on that purple checkered parking I don't even buy it the walk sucks with a 3 and 7 year old.
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    The lower section of 14 is not Terrace Club. Donation was $200/seat (Premium Sales guy convinced me to throw in an extra $50/seat to help improve chances for aisle seat)

    This link gives a good overview of the donation level for new ticket holders-
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    The Aspire group had great sales consultants who were knowledgeable and gave me great info. We will see what the new internal sales group does this year.

    For parking we have light blue garage on San Jacinto St one block south of 26th street.

    When we have more than one vehicle they park at a cash garage one block west of San Jacinto and a block north for $20 cash. Don't remember the name of the garage building but it only adds a couple of blocks to our walk and is on the North end.
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    Thanks LHAB, so is it just me or did ticket prices increase? Just can't remember but the total seems higher than last years check.
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    Ticket prices are the same as last year per Texas Athletics
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    Crazy me, I like purple checks. Best in/out.
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    This would be fun if someone wants to organize it.
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    Be careful if you pay on line...Even though paid membership months ago, they still had it included with tickets on the form...Not sure if that was a miscue or if they figured they woud get double the $$$$$....LOL

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