Shaka is a JOKE!

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by HoffHorn, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. HoffHorn

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    We have NEVER had Deep "Three Point" ...Stretch the Floor Guy "EVER". It's NOT THAT DIFFICULT!.....

    While we are so FOCUSED on Football, THIS LOSS was perhaps the most EMBARRASSING Basketball LOSS to Date!

  2. Sangre Naranjada

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    And we beat UNC. What's your point?
  3. caryhorn

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    Same old sh-t. Shot 35% from the field, hit 50% of FT, Roach was 2 for 12, the team was 5 of 27 from beyond the arc. That is the worst line of shooting I've seen in a long time.

    Should Shaka be blamed for the team's sorry shooting percentage? Yes, in large part he must take responsibility. Shaka sees this team's weakness every day in practice. He knows better than anyone that our outside shooting is its weakness.

    So why hasn't he developed a better pick and roll offense, motion offense, which gets better shots and give his big men chances down low? Because that is not Shaka's strength. He's never developed that sort of offense anywhere. He cannot, and since we have no reliable 40-50 percent outside shooters, we are destined to inconsistency.

    Radford is pretty good. They will be in the NCAA in March. But at home, with our size and athletic advantage, we should have beat them.

    I like Shaka, he is a good person. But he is not a complete coach. His teams have no "plan 2" for when the shooting goes cold, which it often does. Every team needs a plan 2. Come on Shaka, get to work. Coach this team up.
  4. Htown77

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    Shaka is a worse version of Penders. We throw up a lot of shots. We shoot 52% like we did against UNC, we can probably beat anybody. How many times is a team going too shoot 52% and 45% on 3s? Not often. We have a bad shooting day, we can lose to everyone. This season looks like it will be another Shaka season.

    Side note, UNC got handled pretty easily by Michigan so they may not be the top 10 team we thought they were.

    Our basketball program has always suffered an apathy problem, but with football and baseball winning, the apathy for basketball under Shaka is reaching the highest levels Ive seen. There were what? 200 people at the game last night? If Texas loses to Radford and no one is around to see it, did it happen?
  5. Walking Boss

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    [QUOTE="caryhorn, post: 1616112, member: 13183"

    So why hasn't he developed a better pick and roll offense, motion offense, which gets better shots and give his big men chances down low? Because that is not Shaka's strength. He's never developed that sort of offense anywhere. He cannot, and since we have no reliable 40-50 percent outside shooters, we are destined to inconsistency.

    Radford is pretty good. They will be in the NCAA in March. /QUOTE]
    Well, at least one team on the court last night will be in the tournament.

    Shaka has no offense. The next time they run some type of motion designed to get someone a shot in rythym and flow will be the first time. If you really want to see the contrast in what Texas doesn’t do on the offensive end ( and it is truly offensive to watch) just review our games with tech last year.

    Shaka apparently recruits good athletes, just not skilled basketball players.
  6. Horns11

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    Starting to see why he HAD to come up with the gimmicky HAVOC at VCU. He can't succeed without something to energize the guards. If we had Tech or TCUs coach, I think we're playing at a less sloppy level. Also sucks that Barnes is doing so well.
  7. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Based off our first three games results I was shocked we beat UNC and followed that up by walloping MSU for most of the first half . This loss doesn't surprise me at all because it's the identity of a Shaka Smart team. We'll win close to 20 games and maybe make the tourney to get knocked out in the first or second round. They'll be sloppy a lot and step up and have a couple stellar games.

    Then some guys will leave early and next year we'll start all over again.
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  8. VulcanHorn

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    ...and the team free throw shooting percentage every season, yikes.
    Looks like I picked the wrong season to buy season tickets. (I was one of those 200 in the stands...)
  9. SAMMCHornfan

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    Who has the green light to shoot the three ball, but at the same time can clank three free throws in a row, apparently our guards do. Also, I am sure the AD can not be too happy about what he saw in the stands. Give away tickets if you can’t sell them. The players had to be a little disheartened too after their quasi success in Vegas.
  10. blonthang

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  11. FWHORN

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    The Arkansas game was sadly a great indicator of what this team will be all year long, hard to watch, and for every big win like UNC there will be epically bad losses like Radford
  12. bystander

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    I think he is what he is at this point. I don't recall the hype surrounding him (Dick Vitale always pumped him up) indicating he had a learning curve. Basketball is such a reload sport that he can't complain about playing with Barnes recruits or needing time to install his "system."
  13. Horns11

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    Don't get me wrong, I liked him. But the fact that he can go to a floundering program and get Top-10 style results while we're in some kind of mediocre abyss with Shaka means that his methods work. WE were the problem, not Rick.
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    Yeah, I was just funnin' wid ya.

    You know what's going to very interesting to watch the next few short years?

    Texas had two of the best football and basketball coaches in Mack and Rick. Mack of course did better, but Rick got to a Final Four, put a number of high NBA picks on professional rosters, etc.

    Mack was born/raised in Cookeville, Tennessee, about 100 miles west of the Tenn/NC border. Go another 50 miles due east and you'll run into Hickory, NC, Rick Barnes' childhood home.

    After grinding out along various coaching paths that led to UT Austin and some good success, they sagged, were told: "Thanks, but it's time." and now they're back home. Well, Rick's now closer to Cookeville than Mack will be to Hickory at Chapel Hill, NC. But they're both "back home" in a way, at substantial schools.

    Will be fun to watch.
  15. Htown77

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    I said this in like 15 different threads and in very, very long posts in 2015 shortly before we fired Rick Barnes. What Texas needed was structural changes to its basketball program, not a new coach. Although even those can only take us so far. Recruits want to go to places that love basketball. I am not sure Texas will ever be that and I am not sure we can get any further than Barnes got us.
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  16. blonthang

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    I know we're veering off the main topic, but wasn't what happened to Rick was, sure his program was in a slump, but wasn't it really that Patterson demanded Rick fire one or more of his assistants, Rick refused, Patterson pointed to the EXIT sign?
  17. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Have you seen our recruiting classes? We're getting plenty of talent to have at least a consistent .800-.850 winning percentage. Since arriving SS is 55-52 overall and 23-31 in conference.

    What I dont understand is in 6 yrs at VCU he only achieved double digit losses twice with the most being 12. Here his lowest loss count is 13 in year one with Barnes players. Maybe different lower tier conference, but he certainly didnt have the talent he has here and he made it past the first round 3 times with one final four. This dude confuses me, but all I see here is making coal out of diamonds.
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  18. Htown77

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    What bothers me is that Shaka has been losing, is still getting big recruits and, for the first time ever, there has continually been smoke around our basketball recruiting. I would like to ignore the smoke, especially granted most programs seem to be a dumpster fired of recruiting violations right now, but dang it is strange Shaka can keep laying massive eggs and get great recruiting classes. Do diamonds really want to be coal at a place where 200 people show up for games?
  19. Htown77

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    I will also note, going back to my 2015 posts, I was originally for Shaka and thought he would be the same as Barnes. However, shortly before or after the hire, I noticed a troubling trend that has continued at UT.

    First 3 years:
    2009-10 CBI Champion
    2010-11 Final Four - 11 seed that won play in game and beat the 6 seed, 3 seed, 10 seed and 1 seed. Lost to 8 seed in final four.
    2011-12 Round of 32 - 12 seed that beat 5 seed and lost to 4 seed

    First 3 years were a fantastic success, even the CBI year.

    Second 3 years:
    2012-13 Round of 32 - 5 seed that beat the 12 seed and lost to the 4 seed
    2013-14 Round of 64 - 5 seed that lost to the 12 seed (Stephen F. Austin)
    2014-15 Round of 64 - 7 seed that lost to the 10 seed (Ohio State)

    So after winning the CBI and making the final four, he had consecutive round of 32 appearances, then had two consecutive seasons of being bounced in the first round by lower seeded teams. It also seemed troubling we were hiring someone that had not (and still has not) won an NCAA Tournament game as recently as the guy we were firing.

    As pointed out, Shaka has only obtained 20 wins with Barnes’ players in year one and continued his trend of losing in the first round to a lower seed (lost to an 11 seed as a 6 seed).

    Year 2 was going to be a rebuilding year regardless of the coach. That said, I do not know that it needed to be 11-22 and our worst season since 1992.

    Finally, in year 3, we somehow made the tournament without winning 20 games and lost in the first round as a 10 seed to the 7 seed.

    Shaka had not won a tournament game in 2 years when he hired him, and now has a 5 year streak without a tournament win.

    While Rick Barnes did not win a tournament game his first 9 years of coaching at George Mason, Providence and Clemson, since 1996-97, he has never gone more than 3 years without winning a tournament game. In fact, he has only had 1 three year period and 2 two year periods. The three year period was his last year at Texas and first two years at a pretty bad Tenneseee program. One of the two year periods was his transition from Providence to Clemson. His final two year period was 2011-13 at Texas, so he certainly was in a slump.

    In short though, a 5 year streak without a tournament win is no bueno. If Shaka extends it to 6 years this year, he has lost his mojo and it is time to cut bait. Also note that Shaka makes significantly more than Barnes ever did and is the highest paid basketball coach in Texas history. Shaka is the 12th highest paid coach in the country and still makes more than Barnes does at Tennesse. Rick was fired for going 20-14 and losing to a higher seeded team in the first round of the tournament. In Shaka’s first year he went 20-13 and lost to a lower seeded team in the first round of the NCAA tournament. He was given a one year extension (making his deal 7 years!) and a pay raise. Great job Greg Fenves and Steve Patterson!

    When I say Texas Basketball suffers from structural problems, that includes a clueless administration.
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  20. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I agree with pretty much everything you are saying. I was just pointing out that it isnt recruiting thats the problem. I agree that something is fishy seeing how we continually get blue chip recruits and lay turds on the court. Something is bringing them here and its not results. Only so long the "we're close, next year" excuse will last if there isnt already under the table stuff going on.
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  21. Horns11

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    New arena will help some perception problems about basketball, too. Might keep some good recruits in-state. It all depends on who's coaching, though. Might not be Shaka by then.
  22. SAMMCHornfan

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    I just wonder if some of these coaches who get to Texas in big time sports sometimes develop the dreaded "sense of entitlement" once they get here or is the stage just too big for them to handle. Three recent examples follow:

    Gail Goestenkors was solid at Duke and laid an egg at Texas.
    Charlie Strong never could get it going.
    Now Shaka Smart to be determined but not looking promising.

    And these two seem to have gotten it:

    Man, whoever thought Baseball would get to the CWS in Pierce's second year.
    And now Herman, a big time bowl in second year. (Still annoyed with the losses to Maryland though).
  23. Walking Boss

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    Shaka is an excellent recruiter, but his lack of actual coaching ability has been exposed and laid bare by the level of game planning and coaching by virtually all other Big 12 coaches. As far as actual coaching ability, he is close to the bottom in the conference. And while he is an excellent recruiter, I question his ability to evaluate “basketball” talent and his ability to recognize and recruit players whose skills are complimentary to other players. I also question his ability to coach up players as there doesn’t seem to by any improvement from players staying more than one year.
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  24. blonthang

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    And don't forget, Pierce's first year he got the Horns to within one game of making a Super Regional, with regional play of beating UCLA, then first beating Long Beach State 5-3, then losing the next two to them 3-4 and 1-2.
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  25. cactus47

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    Strong has the fans at USF just as unhappy as Texas fans were. His Louisville success seems to have derived from an NFL quarterback rather than his own talents.
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  26. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Just look, Shaka leaves VCU and three years later comes to Texas and beats Shaka. Does that mean VCU is better without him?
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