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    He's now gotten top 5 recruiting classes in his first two full recruiting seasons at UT. We've never had top 5 classes in consecutive years before. And he out-recruited both UK and Duke each year for one of the top players in the country. Now it's time to win. Oh, and we will. Hook em!
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    Basketball is totally different than football so two top 5 classes do not mean much with one and done. Smart needs to win just to prove he isn't the Charlie Strong of basketball.
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    I hope you're right, but who knows. There have also been reports about NBA teams interested in him. People said the same thing about Brad Stephens...
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    need guard play to step up and they will be fine
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    I still think he owes me a refund for last year's agony of a year without a point guard.
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    I'm impressed with the caliber of transfer commits he's picked up. Isom, Osetkowski and Long were savvy gets.
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    We have a legit shot at Tugs

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    A "source"eh Rothstien? He's just hijacking buzz. Let's continue to bask in our Mo Get Glory and leave the recruiting hype to next year...

    Considering we couldn't even get a soft commit from Bowen with Eric Davis and James Banks (both former teammates of his) in his ear, I don't see how Texas beats out Michigan St. or anyone else. There's just no way. We might have bumped up to a second choice after signing Mo, but real "sources" say Bowen to Sparty.
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    Here is some more on the possibility of Shaka adding Bowen to this class

    "....According to a report .... Texas is a “legitimate landing spot” for the La Lumiere prospect, along with Oregon, UCLA, DePaul, and Creighton.

    Notice that there aren’t a lot of traditional basketball powers on that list other than UCLA, which hasn’t been much of a factor on the national stage for some time.

    In the 247Sports Crystal Ball projections for Bowen, DePaul and Oregon appear to have the most momentum, but there’s not exactly an industry consensus at this time.

    Given that the ‘Horns are reportedly surging, the most likely explanation is that the 6’7, 194-pounder simply hasn’t made up his mind.

    But the recent addition of No. 1 power forward Mohamed Bamba and the return of sophomore guard Andrew Jones could entice Bowen to come to Austin as the likely starting small forward for Smart.

    By adding a top-20 player nationally to a recruiting class that already ranks No. 4 in the 247Sports Composite team rankings, Texas could vault itself into a position of national contention.

    That would assume that a lot of things go right, including landing Bowen.

    Just don’t bet against Smart and his staff right now — they’ve pulled off a bigger miracle in the last five days."
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    Brian Bowen can flat out play. This dude is is college/pro ready right now. I noticed him in Mcdonalds All Star game and the Jordan Classic...he seemed to do what ever he wanted with the ball against the best high school players in the nation. Would be a huge get for our program.
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  14. I35

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    From what I've seen on video and as impressed I am with our commits so far, Bowen would be the biggest of a stacked class. Bowen is something special.
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  15. txlandagent

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    PG Coleman
    SG A. Jones
    SF Bowen
    PF Osetkowski
    C Bamba

    This freshman talent coupled with our veteran depth could absolutely make a title run in San Antonio. Lots of youth but definitely some cool heads and big bball IQ's.
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    Y'all watched any Dylan O film lately? He can ball.
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    And this^^^
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    It seems stacked but I just did some quick sampling of box scores in our losses and one stat jumps right out: the 3 pt shooting %. Ours is abysmal. The delta between UT and the opposing teams is telling.
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    Scouting reports on Febres indicated his game outpaced his AAU and HS teams. He's been really streaky most of his career and had some injury issues early on but he started to settle in lately. I haven't delved into his stats much but his big game nights were like, 30, 40 point productions. He penetrates perimeter defenses well and plays great defense down low off the ball when he needs to. If he gets into a groove with Shakas system and he can play high tempo, he's a big time perimeter threat - really he can hit from anywhere on the floor. We need that consistent 3pt shooter, no doubt. It's not going to be Snoop or Davis. We need a 3 and D guy and I think that's Febres, all day.

    Dylan can stretch 4 and hit 3's which will help. Coleman may produce 30-35% from the arc but he's going to be floor general so, I don't see him spotting up as much. Maybe Jones will step up and be our perimeter guy. I'm just thinking out loud here.

    The good news is if Shaka wants to run the Havoc, he finally can. We have major depth and speed.

    PG Coleman/Young/Hobbs
    G Jones/Davis/Schwartz
    G/F *Bowen?/Roach/Febres
    F Osetkowski/Sims
    C/F Bamba/Hamm/Banks
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  20. Malcom

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    This guy can just flat out ball!!
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    Today it is 2018 4-star SF Gerald Liddell (6'6) from Cibolo Steele

    Liddell is supposed to be the top player on our 2018 board. He put us in his top 7 earlier this spring (with Oregon, Arizona, Baylor, California, SMU and UCLA). He is #35 overall nationally and #2 in-state per the 247 composite.

    Liddell averaged 19.7 points and 8.6 rebounds - an athletic wing that would be a good fit for Shaka Smart’s system. He has 2 CBs, one to Texas (the other to AZ)
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  24. X Misn Tx

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    are he and Caden Sterns buddies?
  25. Joe Fan

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    Sterns did not play BBall, or is not on the roster
    But seems impossible they dont know each other
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  27. X Misn Tx

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    Longhorn legacy. I remember his dad.
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    I love the legacy element to this recruit. Watching his film, he looks pretty agile and versatile but he is playing light at 205lbs +/- . He'll fill out more though and be a great role player for us. Looks like the Ivy's were chasing him so he's apparently got a good head on his shoulders.

    I like our track record with top prep bigs from Westlake too. Welcome to the 40 Brock. :hookem:
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