Shaka's recruiting classes

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by dadrivr, May 19, 2017.

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    No 4 was a man among boys in that video.
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    Do you know his star rating?
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    He was typically in the 2-star range but bumped when he got looks from schools like us. I think he was ranked #35 and/or #30 in the state by two NC recruiting services.

    I'd never heard of him until watching his film. He looks fluid and smart with the ball, but he's obviously a little lanky to play a 4/5 role. He's at a small Christian school and in all of the clips, he's playing against 5'8" white guys. He's Durant-sized without the scoring ability. He'd probably get Hepa-style minutes.
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    247 does not have any stars for him. I guess since the blue chip approach didn't work he's now going for the more journeyman approach. Can't wait to see how this works out. :facepalm:

    I think lanky is the understatement of the year. 6'9" @ 190# is nothing but skin and bones holding the organs together. I graduated high school at 6'2" @ 180# and was pretty skinny.
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  6. Jacob Johnson

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    Just wondering... has Texas hired a new assistant coach yet or are we still looking?
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    I am thinking that Texas no longer has a basketball program. I have seen no news on this subject or any other subject in regards to basketball. If a program still exists, I guess this is the reason for the word apathy.
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    Lol we do still have a program. I'm just going to assume everything is still in the works especially with this pandemic and everything. Greg Brown and most of the team workout almost everyday together in the gym. I have seen many pictures of them lifting weights and in the gym
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    Yeah they've been together a lot. The guy I know who works in the strength program is with them literally every day, even Sundays. We had virtually zero turnover with players as well, so I'm hoping that'll at least buy 1-2 wins from the jaws of defeat in team chemistry returns. Outside of Gonzaga, we have probably the easiest nonconference schedule in the nation for 2020-21, and I think the team knows that Brown is going to help out with a lot of those "bigs" minutes where our only help was Cunningham last year.

    I hate getting optimistic with Shaka at the helm, but I guess the good news is that anything less than 20 wins should be easy fodder for firing.
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  10. Jacob Johnson

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    You think we have the easiest? If everything pans out we will play Virginia and Gonzaga and possibly north Carolina. I mean we could do a lot worse but I still do have high expectations and I think everyone as well as shaka knows if he doesn't deliver then he is gone.
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  11. Jacob Johnson

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    Another commitment from a Point guard from Arkansas :hookem: for the 2021 class.
  12. Jacob Johnson

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    Nevermind that player did not have an offer nor was he being recruited by Texas
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  14. Chest Rockwell

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    I know nothing about this guy, but his list of other offers (Bryant, La Tech and Milwaukee) is far from impressive.
  15. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Another unrated recruit with moderate upside. Looks like Shaka changed his recruiting strategy.
  16. bystander

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    From the article:

    "... Ellis is young for his class and fits the profile of the more developmental prospects that Smart likes to take because he’s a strong raw athlete who can handle the ball and has an improving jump shot."

    Is that true? He is actively pursuing more developmental prospects? Is this a conscious decision to avoid one and dones?
  17. SabreHorn

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    My grandson is 11, not good at basketball, definitely “developmental”. Can he have a scholarship?
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  18. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    He had 24 offers out with 21 of those going to 5-star to 3-star players. There were three offers to unrated players. Two of the three unrated players jumped on it early. The offer list tells me we aren't targeting unrated players, but that those are the only ones willing to commit.
  19. Horns11

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    Ellis is a body. He's good in his film, and he seems to be able to shoot and defend better than the other kids on the floor in his limited clips.

    The biggest thing that kept us in contention during our 2002-04 run (outside of TJ Ford) was our depth. For every Ford, Mouton, Ivey, and Thomas, we had a Ross, Erskin, Paulino, and Ogden. We needed minutes from those guys and Barnes had a good grasp on how much (or how little) to rely on the starters so that the bench guys could wear down opponents with defense and some basics on offense. Ellis would be in that role.

    My worry is that since Smart isn't as good a coach as Barnes, he wouldn't know what to do with these types of players anyhow. Ellis and Itejere are great "end of the bench" guys, but we desperately need a PG right now. One who's probably not an "end of the bench" guy.
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    Smart is more focused on football. He knows that his future is tied to Herman. If Herman delivers, Smart is gone as soon as CDC can find a replacement. If Herman continues being the engineer of the failure train, Smart is safe as the big $$$ will be paying off Herman.

    Powers & Patterson should have been sued for "Gross Negligence", not a suit the school could win, but maybe could have saved some money on payouts.
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