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    XFL restates it's not restricted by eligibility rules

    "In December, XFL commissioner Oliver Luck told the Sports Business Radio Road Show that the league is "not subject" to the eligibility rules in place in the NFL, adding that, in theory, the XFL could select players directly from high school.

    “But I wouldn’t rule it out,” Luck said, per PFT. “Nor would I rule out taking a player who played a year of college football and let’s say isn’t eligible academically, which happens. Or a player who is two years out of college, and is transferring, and would have to sit out a year. A lot of guys don’t want to. ... We are in that position to be able to take players who wouldn't be eligible to play in the NFL. ...

    “But that’s an option that we have and we’re going to look at it long and hard. There are a lot off very good college players after a year or two who may not want to play that third year of college football, may need to earn a little money, support the family. That’s not uncommon as well.”

    This looks similar to the NBA eligibility rule, where we see a great player play one year in college and then bolt. The NFL requires 3 years out of HS, but reading the above, it is unclear whether the XFL requires 1 year or, if a HS player thinks he's ready after his senior year, he can go straight to the XFL. In some regards, I can understand guy needing to leave programs in hopes of being drafted because their families need money or maybe they had a serious injury and don't want to run the risk of a career ending repeat. On the other hand I do not like to see guys leave after three years, especially when they only had one good season at their position. However, it is what it is.
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